What actions does the school take to encourage good behaviour, and what impact have they had?


Our OFSTED 2017 inspection states that:

'School leaders do no communicate clearly enough with parents about the actions they have taken to improve behaviour or about the impact they have had.'

This section has been added to the Parents Page to rectify this issue. We have also increased our communication methods with a parents' notice board and newsletter text message, in addition to our weekly updated website, weekly newsletter emailed to all parents and daily text messages about information in school. There is also an SMT member on the gate before and after school.


Area Action Impact
Good behaviour in class Encouraged and rewarded by praise, stickers and positive comments in books. Children show 'good attitudes to learning...' OFSTED 2017.
Good behaviour at breaktimes Encouraged and rewarded through constantly updating our facilities. Since 2014 we have added to playtimes a performance stage, a music area, a zip wire, a trampoline, weaving looms, a quiet reading area, building blocks, a well stocked breaktime sports equipment box, a MUGA and a revamped Reception area. This adds to our football area, 'tunnels area, hard playground and field that were already in place. 'The school environment encourages pupils to show respect and behave well, and therefore pupils are keen to look after it.' OFSTED 2017.
Good behaviour at all times. We follow a 'values' based system where children are rewarded for displaying REDCAF (Respect, Excellence, Determination, Courage, Awareness and Friendship). When displayed, children are rewarded raffle tickets which are used to reward winners in our weekly 'Praise Assembly.' Since 2014 we have added certificates to praise children for these values, as well as our 'showcase' certificates, rewarding good work which is then displayed in school. Children receive these awards through a special assembly featuring music and lights and are mentioned on our newsletter and website. 'Pupils confidently told inspectors that they feel the school has improved and that a significant part of this is because teachers understand them and respect their opinions.' OFSTED 2017
Unacceptable behaviour in class. We have a clear behaviour policy that can be found on our policies page. Children who are not following our behaviour guidelines are cautioned through a 'names on the board' system that does not draw attention to their behaviour. However, as unacceptable behaviour continues children will be moved from their table/ group, then their classroom, then sent to an SMT member. Parents may or may not be contacted at this stage. 'The headteacher monitors behaviour and has set clear expectations for what will not be tolerated. As a result, incidents recorded in the behaviour log, which are closely checked and recorded, show a decline in high-level referrals.' OFSTED 2017
Unacceptable behaviour at breaktimes. We ensure staff members are posted in all areas of our school grounds at break and lunchtimes to ensure good behaviour is encouraged. When children do not follow our break and lunchtime behaviour expectations, they will be seen by an SMT member. Parents may or may not be contacted at this stage. Please be aware that in order to strengthen good behaviour at breaktimes, we encourage parents to reinforce our expectations at home following such contact. We are hoping to raise awareness in this area. To help us gain an insight and baseline for our improvements, please complete the survey on the front page. Thank you.

Anti-Bullying Week 2017-2018.

During November we all enjoy an 'anti-bullying' week, to help us understand bullying, and prevent it. Here are just some of our activities!

Monday: We watched videos of teachers bullying each other! Do you think they are?

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