Another week done, well done everyone.  For homework this week, please complete spellings and Minute Math.


Spelling A



Spelling B



Well done Year 6! You have worked very hard this week.

Please complete Minute Maths and spellings for homework.

You should also be reading regularly and filling in your reading record. This needs to be returned by Thursday each week.


Group A Spellings



Group B Spellings


Want to know what we are learning in Term 1? Check out the document above to find out!

Above is an overview of what's being taught in Year 6 with links and resources if you should miss some time from school due to illness/isolating. Thank you.


Hello everyone! In the future, homework will be posted on Teams only. However, to get us back into the swing of things I have posted it here. A copy will be made available for those children who cannot access the internet or require one. Please ask Miss Turecek on Monday for more information.

Have a great weekend all.



  • Please wear P:E kit to school on Tuesday.
  • Please dress warm as all windows and doors are open in our classroom.
  • Over the next few weeks we will have visits from secondary schools to discuss transition! Very exciting
  • Boxes with information detailing our learning topics will be posted very soon.
  • Make sure you are reading 3 times a week and completing Timestables Rockstars frequently 



Enter text...

Work for Tuesday, 7th July:

Hello everyone! Here are your Tuesday tasks!

1) English: I have been uploading English lessons onto Teams for you: there are three Percy Jackson-themed lessons on there for you to watch and have a go at! This book has been such a hit with the children at school, please check it out on Teams! You should have had a login emailed to you - if you can't find it, please ask the office. If you aren't able to access this, there is an alternative lesson below.

Lesson 2: reading focus - link here:

Today’s lesson will continue with the text ‘The Racehorse Who Wouldn’t Gallop’ by Clare Balding. Listen carefully to the input in the video and follow the same structure as yesterday’s lesson.

2) MathsTuesday – angles in a triangle - watch the video here at

Try the questions below - you don't need a protractor for them I believe. Then mark your answers.

3) Topic: Check out the lesson here:

Who is the Dalai Lama?

In this final lesson on Buddhism, we will begin learning about reincarnation, which is the Buddhist notion of rebirth. We will learn about karma and the belief that a being’s actions determine whether the rebirth is positive or negative. We will then go on to learn about the Dalai Lama, who is someone some Buddhists believe has reached enlightenment, but remains Earth to help others reach enlightenment or Nirvana. You will need a piece of paper, a pencil and your brain.


Enter text...

Work for Monday, 6th July:

Welcome to a new week! I have uploaded a video lesson for you on Teams - these will be put up daily during the last two weeks. Please check them out and get involved with the brilliant Percy Jackson! You should have Teams login details but if you're not sure about this, ask the office for these.

1) English: Check out this video lesson on clever or sly words!

2) English: Today' English lesson can be found at:

Genre focus: letter of Complaint

Listen carefully to the input in the video. At the end of this unit, you will be writing your own letter of complaint.

 Lesson 1: reading focus

During this session, we are going to answer fact retrieval questions. Today’s lesson will be based on the text ‘The Racehorse Who Wouldn’t Gallop’ by Clare Balding. For this lesson, watch the video and use the buttons on the bottom of the screen to navigate between activities. When you have listened to the input, answer the questions in your exercise books. Then, play the video again to check your answers. At the end of the lesson, complete the quiz to see how well you have done!

3) Maths: Today's White Rose lesson is on vertically opposite angles. Catch the video at This is revision from an area covered earlier in lockdown, so this is another chance to practise it as it can be a bit tricky!

If you don’t have a protractor, for question 1a on the worksheet, first estimate the size of the angles and then use the answer sheet to obtain the correct measurement. The focus of the lesson is calculating rather than measuring.

Try the questions below and then mark the answers!

4) Topic: Art today!

Our third black artist is the Tanzanian painter EDWARD TINGATINGA (1932-1972).

 Watch the video below and follow the steps to help you paint an amazing Tingatinga leopard.

Artist biography:

 Watch the theme tune from the CBeebies programme Tingatinga Tales telling traditional African folk stories using  Tingatinga art- inspired cartoons:

Or, you could choose your favourite African animal or bird and paint it in the Tingatinga style. The animals are decorative and flat looking. There are often leaves, flowers and insects in the background.


Work for Friday, 3rd July:

Happy Friday! Here are your Friday tasks! Don't forget to send in your video clips or first day of school photos to if you have them! Also, I will be adding some videos onto Teams soon (the first one will be on there tomorrow) so look out for more information about this!

1) English: Check out the lesson on comma usage:

2) English: Check out today's lesson at:

Lesson 5: writing a diary entry

Pause the video as you write each section to help you. Today, you are writing in role as Michael, about to head back into the garage to see the man. Refer to the success criteria and jot this down if you haven’t yet done so. Follow the video carefully and use this to guide you through each section of your writing! Remember to check your spelling and proofread your work when you are finished before you ask an adult send it to our email address. Do not upload any work to social media.

3) Maths: Today's family challenge over on White Rose Maths is at .

Remember to mark your answers!

4) Topic: Today's Cosmic Kids yoga workout is one that we did this week: it's on the theme of Minecraft! Have a go here:

Have a great weekend! 

Work for Thursday, 2nd July:

Good morning! Here are your Thursday tasks!

1) English: Check out this BBC Bitesize lesson on the difference between semi-colons and colons:

2) English: Check out today's lesson at:

Lesson 4: informal language

This lesson will be helping you consider the appropriate tone and format of your writing! Complete the tasks carefully. Make sure you listen to the full video for guidance.

3) MathsThursday – ratio and proportion problems. Check out the video here:

Then try the questions below: don't forget to mark them!

4) Topic: A slightly different one today: try this Design and Technology lesson on iterative design! See how you get on!

Work for Wednesday, 1st July:

Good Morning! Wednesday tasks coming your way!

1) English: Try the task below in picture 1: can you add in the hyphens in the correct places? The answers are in the second picture! See how you get on!

2) EnglishLesson 3: identifying features. Find the lesson here:

This lesson will show you an example of a diary entry. Think about it as the "what a good one looks like" and make a note of the key structural features for your writing later in the week! When you answer the task, the questions are numbered. Answer the questions about the key features in your exercise book. 

3) Maths: Today's video is on using scale factors at

Wednesday – using scale factors:  you will need a ruler for this lesson so that you can draw accurately. Try the questions below and mark them using the answers. 

4) Topic: Science today!

Click on the link to start your lesson:

 Key question: How do the rocks on our earth’s surface change?

In this lesson you will find out about different processes which cause rocks to change through  erosion, weathering and tectonic movements.

 Before you start the lesson talk about:  How do you think mountains formed? What about a single grain of sand, how did it get there?


  • Introductory quiz – complete but don’t worry if you get something wrong.
  • Video – pause when asked and complete the tasks set out the worksheet or on paper. During the video a teacher called Miss Simkin carries out two demonstrations that you can also try which show the processes of weathering, and erosion. If you want to carry out the demonstration about weathering with Miss Simkin, remember that you won’t be able to see your results until the following day.
  • Exit quiz – repeat questions from introductory quiz. Well done!
  • Optional extension task – make your own erosion model by filling a tray with soil/compost or sand. Tip the try onto a slope and then slowly pour over water from one end.  What do you notice happening? Try increasing the slope: what effect does this have?  Watch a video walk through of this demonstration for more detail.
  • Want to find out more? To find out more about plate tectonics watch the BBC Teach animation For more about weather and erosion explore

See you tomorrow!

Work for Tuesday, 30th June:

Good morning! Here are your Tuesday tasks!

1) English

Check out this video on -eye words and follow along with the activities. 

2) English: The lesson is found here:

Lesson 2: reading focus

Today’s lesson will continue with the text ‘Skellig’ by David Almond. Listen carefully to the input in the video and follow the same structure as yesterday’s lesson.

3) Maths: Check out today's video at

Tuesday – calculating ratio.

Representing the ratio using a bar model (as shown in the lesson from 3:10) is a useful strategy.

Then solve the questions below and mark your answers. 

4) Topic: The link for the lesson is here:

What is life like in a Buddhist Monastery?

In this lesson, we will be learning about Buddhist monks and nuns. We will learn about the different schools of Buddhism and the journey that Buddhist lay people take to become a ‘full monk’. We will learn about daily life in a monastic community and we will compare life in a monastery to our own daily life. You will need a piece of paper, a pencil and your brain.

Work for Monday, 29th June:

Welcome to a new week! Here are your Monday tasks! Remember that you can send any work in to me at

1) English: Check out the -ation spellings below in the picture. There are some tasks there to help you learn and practise them. 

2) English: Check out the lesson here:

Lesson 1: reading focus

Today’s lesson will be based on the text ‘Skellig’ by David Almond. For this lesson, watch the video and use the buttons on the bottom of the screen to navigate between activities. When you have listened to the input, answer the questions in your exercise books. Then, play the video again to check your answers. At the end of the lesson, complete the quiz to see how well you have done!

3) Maths: Check out today's lesson at

Monday – introducing the ratio symbol

With ratio, you need to look carefully at the order that the groups are presented in. We did ratio before lockdown: see what you can remember!

4) Topic: Mondays are for art! Today's learning is about the artist Lois Mailou-Jones. There are some pictures of her art to inspire you below. 

Click on the link below to see a picture of Lois and find out more about her.

 Artist biography:

 If you have oil pastels, you could try this fun project where you scrape off black oil pastel with a toothpick to get an amazing eye-popping effect:

If you don’t have pastels, you can try this project instead using any creative materials you like – crayons, coloured pencils, paint or even try cutting up coloured paper or scraps of fabric and sticking down to make a collage.


Work for Friday, 26th June:

Hello everyone! Here are your Friday tasks!

1) English: Try this lesson on direct and indirect speech: .

2) English: Try the lesson here:

Lesson 5: writing instructions

Pause the video as you write each section to help you. Refer to the success criteria and jot this down if you haven’t yet done so. Remember, your instructions are on ‘how to escape an outlandish creature’. Follow the video carefully and use this to guide you through each section of your writing! Remember to check your spelling and proof read your work when you are finished before you ask an adult send it to our email address.

3) Maths Today is Friday, so give the Friday challenge a go! Remember to check your answers.

4) Topic

Try this Just Dance activity to "Timber" - it's one of our new favourites in school! :)

Have a great weekend!

Work for Thursday, 25th June: 

Good morning, here are your Thursday tasks!

1) English: Check out the link to a lesson on hyphens and dashes! How much can you remember?

2) English: Find the lesson at

Lesson 4: sentence openers

This lesson will be helping you structure varied sentences! Read the examples carefully and remember to punctuate them correctly! Make sure you listen to the full video for guidance.

3) Maths: Check out today's video at

Thursday – finding the volume of a cuboid.

Try the questions and answers below - remember to mark!

4) Topic: Check out this forest school task below! The first link is the instructions, the second is a video about it! :)

Work for Wednesday, 24th June:

Good morning! Please find below your Wednesday tasks!

PS thank you for all the cute "first day of school" photos and dancing clips - keep them coming to be included in our video!

1) English: This week in English we have been revising hyphens. Can you answer the questions below about hyphens? The answers are there too!

2) English: Find today's link here:

Lesson 3: identifying features

This lesson will show you an example set of instructions about ‘How to escape an outlandish creature’. Think about it as the "what a good one looks like" and make a note of the key structural features for your writing later in the week! When you answer the task, the questions are numbered. Answer the questions about the key features in your exercise book. 

3) Maths: Find the link here:

Wednesday – area of a parallelogram

If you don’t have squared paper for question 1, you could use a ruler to draw a grid and the shape instead. The answers and questions are below!

4) Topic: Find the link here:

Key question: How can we identify different types of rocks?

In this lesson you will look closely at rock samples and use what you know about their characteristics to try to identify them.

 Before you start the lesson talk about:  have you ever heard of a geologist?  Why might it be useful to know about different rocks?


  •  Introductory quiz – complete but don’t worry if you get something wrong.
  • Video – pause when asked and complete the tasks set out the worksheet or on paper.
  • Exit quiz – repeat questions from introductory quiz. Well done!
  • Optional extension task – Explore the Natural History Museum’s digital collection of Rock samples. Try to complete your observations from the lesson (colour, texture, pattern, grain size) for over 123,000 rocks - OK, well maybe not for all of them! Find this here:

Work for Tuesday, 21st June:

Good morning everyone! Tuesday tasks are here!

1) English: How many spellings can you think of with the suffix "ably"? Write them down, check the spelling and look up if there are any more! :)

2) English: Check out the lesson at

Lesson 2: reading focus

Today’s lesson will continue with the text ‘The weird stone of Brisingamen’ by Alan Garner. Listen carefully to the input in the video and follow the same structure as yesterday’s lesson.

3) Maths: Today's White Rose lesson is at

The topic is area of triangles! Find the questions and answers below.

4) Topic: the link is here!

Which festivals do Buddhists celebrate?

In this lesson we will be learning about the Buddhist festival called Wesak. We will learn about why this festival is so special to Buddhists and the traditions that they observe. Finally, we will learn about the Noble Eightfold Path, which Buddhists reflect upon during Wesak. You will need a piece of paper, a pencil and your brain.

Work for Monday, 20th June: If you are looking for more information on how to be part of the end-of-year video, check the blue notices below!

Good morning everyone! Let's go with our Monday tasks!

1) English: Check out the video on confident words with Mrs Wordsmith:

2) EnglishLesson 1: reading focus - find the lesson here:

Today’s lesson will be based on the text ‘The weird stone of Brisingamen’ by Alan Garner. For this lesson, watch the video and use the buttons on the bottom of the screen to navigate between activities. When you have listened to the input, answer the questions in your exercise books. Then, play the video again to check your answers. At the end of the lesson, complete the quiz to see how well you have done!

3) Maths: Check out today's lesson at

Monday – area and perimeter

You may need a ruler to complete some of the tasks on the worksheet - if this isn't possible, just do the ones that you are able to. Remember that you can send tasks into me at for me to see.

4) Topic: Mondays are for art! There has been a lot in the news recently concerning the Black Lives Matter movement.  Therefore, some of the Lighthouse schools thought that we could help to celebrate cultural diversity by looking at the works of three different black artists over the next three weeks. The first of these is KIMMY CANTRELL.

Can you use recycled materials to make a mixed-media sculpture in the style of one of Kimmy Cantrell’s masks? See the pictures below for help! 

Look at for lots of colourful examples of Kimmy’s amazing ceramic faces.

 Also, watch this clip of Kimmy talking about what inspires him, the processes he uses to make a finished piece and how he became a ceramic artist.

Work for Friday, 19th June:

Happy Friday! Some notices for this week:

  • As I said last week, we are putting together an end-of-year performance video. If you have a photo of you on your first day of school, or if not a baby photo, we would love to include these in the video. You can either bring these into school or you can email them to me at :)
  • If you are working from home, we would love you to be really included too! We have been creating some content this week in school.

If you would like to, we would love for you to send in:

  • a video of you dancing or doing some silly moves for a few seconds (for our introduction section: we have been doing this this week!);
  • a video of you talking about your favourite memory from Whitchurch Primary School. 

Remember to keep reading at home, practising Times Tables Rock Stars and to practise spellings: there are some new ones below in the first picture to practise. 

Today's tasks are below!

1) English: Practise the spellings that we have been doing in school this week on the sheet below in picture 2. Can you find meanings for all of the words?

2) English: Check out today's learning at

Lesson 5: describing a setting

Pause the video as you write each section to help you. Refer to the success criteria that you made in the last lesson! Choose from one of the four images to choose which you would like to write your setting description about. Remember to check your spelling and proof read your work when you are finished before you ask an adult to send it to my email address!

3) Maths: Check out today's Friday challenge over at White Rose Maths!   

If you complete it, send it to me at!

4) Topic

Check out this Cosmic Kids Yoga lesson that we all did yesterday! We loved it! Plus it tells you one of the Harry Potter stories: what's not to love! :)

Have a great weekend! Mrs Oldfield :)

Work for Thursday, 18th June:

Morning everyone! I miss all of you at home so much! Please find below your Thursday tasks!

1) English: Check out the sentence below that we looked at in class this week: can you add in the missing punctuation so that it makes sense? I have added the correct punctuation into the final picture below. 

2) English: Check out today's lesson here:

Lesson 4: figurative language: You may want to note down the figurative language discussed in today’s lesson and use that to build your own success criteria – there is also a ‘marking checklist’. Using the example setting description pictures, you will write some sentences using figurative language to create atmosphere. You will be able to use these in your final task! Make sure you listen to the full video for guidance.

3) MathsThursday –  miles and kilometres.

Try the questions and answers below after you have watched the video at .

4) Topic: At school, we have been learning about Ancient Greece. Why not start to create your own project on this topic: it is a fascinating one! You could start your research here at .

We have also been reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief so you could try and read this too if you like!

Work for Wednesday, 17th June:

Good morning! Here are your Wednesday tasks!

1) EnglishTry the Sad Words task. Watch the Mrs Wordsmith lesson and complete the activities about "sad" words. The link is here:

2) EnglishLesson 3: identifying features of a descriptive narrative. 

This lesson will show you an example of a descriptive narrative from ‘The Storm Keeper’s Island. Think about it as an example of "what a good one looks like", but note that your setting description will need to really focus in on that description. Listen carefully to the notes about atmosphere. You’ll remember how important this is when writing an interesting setting description!

When you answer the task, the questions are numbered. Answer the questions about the key features in your exercise book.

3) MathsWednesday – convert metric measures. Check out the White Rose video here:

Be careful with your place value in this lesson! You may want to draw out a place value chart to help with your accuracy. See below for the questions and answers. 

4) Topic: Science today...

Key question: How is sedimentary rock formed?

In this lesson you will be finding out how metamorphic rocks are formed.  You will also be looking at how fossils form in sedimentary rocks.

Before you start the lesson talk about:  How do we know about dinosaurs? Have you ever seen a fossil?  Do fossils show what the living thing looked like?

 Resources: pencil, worksheet, ruler, coloured pencil

Click on the link to start your lesson here:

Work for Tuesday, 16th June:

Good morning Year 6!  Welcome to your Tuesday tasks!

1) English: Please check Purple Mash for your next 2Do tasks around Chapter 3 of "Our Big Kitchen". You can go back and check the text again if you need to!

2) English: Today is the next Oak Academy lesson. Click the link here:

Lesson 2: reading focus

Listen carefully to the input in the video and follow the same structure as yesterday’s lesson.

3) Maths: Today's White Rose lesson is on finding pairs of values. Watch the video here: and try the questions and answers below. 

4) Topic: RE today is asking the question... Why do Buddhists Meditate?

In this lesson we will be learning about meditation. We are going to learn about why Buddhists meditate, how they meditate and we are even going to practise some meditation ourselves.

Click the link here to get started:

Work for Monday, 15th June:

Good morning! Welcome to your Monday tasks!

1) English: I have set Chapter 3 of "Our Big Kitchen" as a 2Do today - please read this and then do the other 2Do, reflecting on what home means to you.

2) EnglishLesson 1: reading focus on setting descriptions today. Find the lesson here:

For this lesson, watch the video and use the buttons on the bottom of the screen to navigate between activities. When you have listened to the input, answer the questions in your exercise books. Then, play the video again to check your answers. At the end of the lesson, complete the quiz to see how well you have done!

3) Maths: Today's White Rose Maths lesson is on solving two step equations. Watch the video here - and try the questions and answers below. 

In the question on the lesson video at 5:45, the two part-whole models are separate: the cube represents a different quantity in each one. For many of the questions on the worksheet, drawing out bar models (as shown in the lesson) will support you in identify the steps you need to take and in which order to take them.

4) Topic: How about some Art for a Monday? Choose from one of these activities:

Cartoon drawing (lots to choose from)

Drawing a human eye

Drawing a dragon eye

See you tomorrow!

Work for Friday, 12th June:

Happy Friday! This term, as we have people working from home too, I have decided to post all of the information that would normally be on our homework letter on this page.

Some key notices:

  • Due to current restrictions, we are unable to do our traditional end of year performance this year, which we feel really sad about. However, instead of this we are making our performance into a video that everyone can watch, enjoy, participate in and then keep afterwards. We have been brainstorming ideas in school this week and we are excited about this project! 
  • If you are working at home, we will be asking if you would like to contribute and send in some videos from home to be included. More details about this to follow over the next week as we firm up the plans for this. It's going to be brilliant!
  • Well done to everyone at school and at home for a great week's work! It has been amazing to see some of your faces. If you are at home, remember to email your work into me at so that I can see it! We are still doing praise assemblies and you could still win the praise or showcase awards from home!
  • For homework, please keep up with your reading, Times Tables Rock Stars and there are some spellings posted in the pictures below for you to look at ready for next Friday's spelling quiz. 

Below are your Friday tasks if you are working from home!

1) English: I have set you three Purple Mash comprehension tasks on Chapter 2 of Our Big Kitchen

2) EnglishLesson 5: Information Leaflet - Writing an information leaflet. The link is here:

Pause the video as you write each section to help you. Refer to the success criteria that you made in the last lesson! Remember to check your spelling and proof read your work when you are finished before you ask an adult to send it to me on email.

3) Maths: Today is Friday Challenge day on White Rose Maths: check it out here at! Remember to mark the answers. You could also take part in this maths investigation called Price Match here: 

4) Topic: Yoga is a great form of exercise to help you relax over the weekend! Choose one to have a go at - the stories they tell as you go through are great. I enjoyed the Harry Potter one last week!

Have a wonderful, well-deserved weekend! Mrs Oldfield :)


Work for Thursday, 11th June:

Good morning! Please see below for your Thursday tasks!

1) English: Today's Purple Mash activity is to reflect on Chapter 2 of the "Our Big Kitchen" text. The task is to find out about a local food bank or community project. They are such good causes: see what you can find out!

2) EnglishLesson 4: Information Leaflet - Formality. The link is here:

Today, your leaflet can be about anything you like as long as it is informing the reader! If you didn’t get the answers correct yesterday, jot down the key features. These are your success criteria. If you can’t think of any subject, make your leaflet all about Bristol, Whitchurch or your favourite hobby! 

3) Maths: Today's White Rose maths lesson is about solving simple one-step equations. For the questions on the second page of the worksheet, it might be useful to represent the equations using bar models as he does in the video at 5:22 and 8:05. Good luck with the questions and answers below! for the video!

4) Topic: Check out this fun cooking activity from our LSP schools! It's a challenge to cook something and then send the recipe in to make an LSP recipe book: it looks like great fun! Why not get involved? Check out the video here:

See you tomorrow! :)

Work for Wednesday, 10th June.

Good morning lovely Year 6! I hope that you are all well at home. We have been having a lovely time at school (see photo!) but we miss you all and hope that you are keeping well! We have been chatting about lovely memories of our class so we are talking about you all the time.

Here are your Wednesday tasks!

1) English: The next chapter of "Our Big Kitchen" is on Purple Mash for you as a 2Do. I have also set you a task called "A Moral Dilemma" which asks you to think about the issues in the chapter. 

2) EnglishThis lesson will show you the key features of an information leaflet. Think about it as a "What a good one looks like". When you answer the task, the questions are numbered. Answer the questions about the key features in your book.

3) Maths: Today's lesson is on substitution. Check it out at and try the questions and answers below.

4) Topic: Today's Science key question: How is metamorphic rock formed?

In this lesson you will be finding out how metamorphic rocks are formed.  You will identify the common properties of metamorphic and how these link to their uses.

 Before you start the lesson talk about:  what different types of rock do you know?  What do think are common properties of rocks? Do all rocks share the same properties?

 Start your lesson here:

  •  Introductory quiz – complete but don’t worry if you get something wrong.
  • Video – pause when asked and complete the tasks set out the worksheet or on paper. During the video the teacher carries out a demonstration to show how pressure can change a rock if you wish to carry this out at home you will need some small pieces of paper soaked in coloured water.
  • Exit quiz – repeat questions from introductory quiz. Well done
  • Optional extension task –Go on a rock hunt! Have a look around your home and see if you can spot any metamorphic rocks (Hint you may find some in your bathroom or kitchen as metamorphic rocks are very water resistant and hard wearing – why could this make them useful?)

See you tomorrow!

Work for Tuesday, 9th June.

Good morning! I hope that you are all well! Here are your Tuesday tasks!

1) English: On Purple Mash today you have a poem to write based on the chapter you read yesterday. The poem will be called "Hunger". When you launch the app, hover your cursor over the tabs on the side: they give you ideas and help! If you click on the piece of paper, you can start to type the poem.

2) EnglishListen carefully to the input in the video and follow the same structure as yesterday’s lesson.

3) MathsTuesday – forming expressions. 

 In question 3 on the sheet, a cube is now being represented as y rather than x. Go to and watch the video. Then try the questions and answers below. 

4) Topic: RE: What is the sacred text of Buddhism?

In this lesson we will be learning about the teachings of Buddha and the book in which these were recorded, the Tipitaka. We will learn about the three sections of the Tipitaka and we consider the importance of what Buddhists describe as Nirvana. Click here for the link:

See you tomorrow!

Work for Monday, 8th June.

Welcome to a new week! I am so happy that some of you are here at school today but if you are at home, this work is for you. As I am now teaching the children at school full time, the work on here may be briefer and may be more about directing you to work on other websites, like the lessons on Oak Academy and BBC Bitesize. You probably will not notice much difference to normal! Here are your Monday morning tasks.

1) English: Today, I have set you a reading comprehension 2Do on Purple Mash. It's about Chapter 1 of the book, "Our Big Kitchen". You have three 2Dos: reading the chapter, a retrieval quiz and a SPaG quiz. 

2) English: Our genre focus this week is information leaflets. Our first lesson has a reading focus. For this lesson, watch the video and use the buttons on the bottom of the screen to navigate between activities. This uses some more complicated, technical vocabulary. You may want to jot these down in a list to help you remember them as you go along. When you have listened to the input, answer the questions in your exercise books. Then, play the video again to check your answers. At the end of the lesson, complete the quiz to see how well you have done!

Follow this link to complete the lesson:

3) Maths: Today, your lesson is on finding a rule. Watch the video and try the questions below. For question 5 on the worksheet, it wants you to find one step that would take the place of the two steps shown. For example, you could replace the steps +2 +3 with the single step +5.

4) Topic: Today's art activity is to make a funky fish to put in your window. Draw the outline of a fish. Collect lots of brightly coloured paper from magazines, junk mail, newspaper and packaging. Cut into different shapes to decorate your fish. Glue them in place like scales and draw or stick on an eye. Try not to leave any gaps in your design. (If you don’t have glue, make a mixture ½ cup of flour and ½ cup water and mix together. Add more water if it is too thick) Can you also decorate the background? What words can you find to add to your design?

See the example below for an idea!

Work for Friday, 5th June.

Good morning Year 6! Happy Friday! I am looking forward to seeing some of you next week. Those of you who are continuing to work from home, there will continue to be work on here for you to complete at home. 

Your Friday tasks are below!

1) English: Today you have a SPaG mat below with the answers. Have a go and see how you get on!

2) English: Next week we are starting a new topic on Ancient Greece. We will be learning about Greek gods and what the Ancient Greeks believed. Today, I would like you to choose a Greek god to research. What can you find out about them? Make a page of research notes and add pictures if you wish. If you need suggestions, you could choose from Zeus, Poseidon, Hades or Athena. What are they the god of? Do they have a symbol or something they are known by? Which stories exist about them? Have fun!

3) Maths: Today is the Friday challenge over at White Rose Maths: check it out! Remember answers are on the screen!

4) Topic: Take a look at this video and super hero challenge!


Have a great weekend and see some of you on Monday - I can't wait! Mrs O :)

Work for Thursday, 4th June.

Good morning Year 6! I hope that you are all doing really well today. Thank you for the emails that I have received: I reply to all of them but sometimes not until the next day if I've been in school that day! My email is and you can cc in the school office too!

Please find your Thursday tasks below! Apologies in advance: the way it has worked out today means that there are lots of different websites to look at! 

1) English: Yesterday, you wrote a setting description. Here is a lesson on parenthesis in story settings: give it a go on the Oak Academy website:

2) English: This is a lesson on "angry words": it's a YouTube lesson! See how you get on!

3) Maths: Today's White Rose Maths task is on percentages of amounts. Watch the video here: and then try the questions below and mark your answers as usual! :)

4) Topic: Today I have something different for you: a music lesson! This one is from a while ago on BBC Bitesize, but it's a really good lesson! Give it a go: there is lots to watch and get involved with! I particularly liked the Fazer tutorial at the end!

Work for Wednesday, 3rd June.

Hello! Hope you're all feeling great today. If you're a bit sleepy, why not go and try some Just Dance here: 

I know you like this one! It will wake you up in no time!

We are encouraging you to send work in to school for us to see - it's mostly for English and Maths work that you have completed, but you can also send Topic work! Please email work to: and cc in the school office at as Mr Hornsby likes to see your work too! By emailing it directly to me, it is easier for me to reply and give you some feedback!

See below for your Wednesday tasks!

1) English: Today, you have some "-cious" and "-tious" spelling words to practise: please see the sheet in picture 1. Practise the words first: can you spell them? Then complete the task and the challenge if you wish too!

2) English Here is the link for English today. The lesson on Bitesize that we are using today is about fronted adverbials (remember them?) and story settings. This continues what you did yesterday about character. You could send your setting to me afterwards if you like! I'd love to read it! Good luck!

3) Maths: Today's White Rose maths lessons is on ordering fractions, decimals and percentages. For question 3f) on the worksheet, rather than comparing with a partner, you could consider why someone might disagree with you about which questions were easier! Watch the video at and then try the questions and answers below. I'd love to see some Maths this week so please send it over!

4) Topic: Today's Science is on something different! 

Key question: How is igneous rock formed? In this lesson you will be finding out how igneous rocks are formed linking to the structure of the earth. Before you start the lesson think about: Where do rocks come from? What do you think is below the surface of the earth? How old is the earth and when did it form?

Click here to start your lesson: 

There is an introductory quiz to complete at the beginning but it's a bit like a cold task so don’t worry if you get something wrong! There is a video to watch – pause when you are asked and complete the tasks set out on paper. There is also an exit quiz – like a hot task! What have you learnt?

Optional extension task – Build a model volcano! Follow the instructions set out on the Natural History Museum website here:

Want to find out more? Click here:

Health & Safety: During the video you will see an experiment being carried out. If you wish to replicate the experiment please make sure you have adult supervision and hair is tied back, sleeves firmly rolled up and if possible, you have goggles to cover eyes. Please make sure all flames are extinguished by pouring over cold water.

Work for Tuesday, 2nd June. 

Good morning, Year 6! I had great fun yesterday in school sorting out our classrooms that we will be in when we return. I hope that you all had a good day yesterday! Here are your Tuesday tasks!

1) English: Check out today's BBC Bitesize activities about complex sentences and creating a character! I would love to see your sentences afterwards! There is quite a lot on this page but the part to focus on is creating complex sentences about a character. See how you get on! 

2) EnglishListen carefully to the input in the video and follow the same structure as yesterday’s lesson. This one is on a similar theme!

3) Maths: Today's White Rose Maths learning is about equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. Check out the video here:

Then check out the questions and answers below!

Year 5 Maths - 

Multiply unit and non-unit fractions by integers

You can use this worksheet

4) Topic: Today we return to our RE topic. I think that you will find this lesson so interesting today. You are going to learn about a famous religious figure called Siddhartha Gautama. Follow the lesson through and find out who he is and what he stood for! He is the first individual to have achieved enlightenment through the practice of meditation and became known as Buddha. Enjoy the lesson!

Welcome to Term 6! I hope that you have all had a brilliant half term!

I know that this week we had hoped that some of us may be heading back to school, but in the interests of safety, our academy trust decided that we should not open this week. I am soooo disappointed not to see you as I was really looking forward to it so much, but safety must come first. Fingers crossed that we are back soon!

In the meantime, I will continue to upload work for you this week so keep coming back here every day to see what I have left for you!

We are due to start a new book when we return to school, which I am really excited about! But I would like to save this for when we get to do it in person. So this week is a "one-off" week of English activities. I hope that you enjoy them! It does mean that we are using several different websites so I am sorry if you have to click around a lot today! 

1) English: For SPaG, we are using the BBC Bitesize website today and we are reminding ourselves about synonyms and antonyms. Watch the videos and try the activities!

2) English: This is a reading comprehension lesson based on newspaper reports - and Harry Potter! 

You will need to click "start lesson" and follow the instructions. For this lesson, watch the video and use the buttons on the bottom of the screen to navigate between activities. When you have listened to the input, answer the questions. Then, play the video again to check your answers. At the end of the lesson, complete the quiz to see how well you have done!

3) Maths: We continue with White Rose maths learning today. Monday's lesson is on converting fractions to percentages. Find it here:

Your questions are below and the answers are there too. If you want to, you could print or draw some blank hundred squares like the ones in picture 5 below to support you, but you don't need to. If you are working at home, for question 2c) on the worksheet, you’re not likely to have a partner to compare work with! However, you can think about the different ways that people might have represented the fractions in 2a).

4) Topic: Today, I have an art challenge for you: it's one that the whole school might be looking at at some point this week so you might want to do it with brothers and sisters too! 

Your challenge is to create some art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. Create your own picture or pattern with natural materials by using things you find. Go on a walk or look in your garden or other outdoor space. Gather some small items together – leaves, petals, grasses, pebbles. (Don’t break bits off of trees or plants please!) Find a suitable space at home or outdoors. Arrange your items to make a pattern or picture. You can see examples of his work below! Take photos of your work to share and send them to me! 

Enjoy and see you back here tomorrow!

To see Year 6's adapted overview for home learning this term (Term 5), please click here to open the document!

Half-term activities!

If you are wanting something to keep you busy over half term, look no further... we have plenty of ideas here for you to try!

Firstly, you could make a model for me of your lunar theme park! You could make it out of anything that you have lying around the house, no need to go and buy lots of things! I would love to see it!

You could also complete your project about your country that we have been working on!

 Here are some more ideas!

  • You could spend an afternoon flipping through old photo albums and reminiscing - maybe you started this when you were writing your autobiography and you want to see what else you can find!
  • If you have grandparents you are missing, you could write letters. In fact, this could apply to anyone you are missing!
  • Make a to do list jar. Write on a piece of paper all the things you would like to do when we get back to normal. Then you can pick something out of the jar and actually do it when that day comes!
  • Try and do the daily mile each day - look it up here if you're not sure what it is:
  • You could enter the RSPB competition. They want you to create a piece of art inspired by nature – let your imagination run WILD! There are 2 categories to choose from this year – REAL LIFE – entries using the more traditional approach of paints, pastels, acrylics, pens or pencil. And they have a new GO WILD category – for those of you who want to ‘go wild’ in every sense of the word! To enter this category, experiment with textiles, sculpture, recycled and eco-friendly materials, collages – anything goes! Click the link for more details
  •  How about a scavenger hunt? They are always fun!
  • Create a time capsule for your family. This is such a nice idea to try! Create a family time capsule and include photos, letters, lists of your favourite things, small items, and any other things that you would like to rediscover after a few years. Place all of them in a box, seal it, and write on it the date when you’ll be allowed to open it.
  • Or you could even try a family talent show! Each member of the family showcases their talent and you vote for the best performer!

But rest and having fun is also on your list - make sure you do this too! I hope you have a wonderful week Year 6: I'll post back here soon! :)

Work for Friday, 22nd May:

Good morning! This will be the last day before half term that I will be setting home learning for you! Stay tuned over half term for some optional activities if you would like to do them!

I know that this has been such a tricky time for everyone and I know that we still don't really know what will be happening after half term too. I am hoping that I get to see some of you if we are allowed into school but I know already that some of you may not be able to be there. Keep checking back here and to the main website page for what will be happening with regards to all of this, but do not worry - these are very strange times and our main priority is that you are safe. :). I miss you all so much.

Anyway, here are your Friday tasks! I will be uploading another reading video soon as well.

1) English: The last SPaG mat of the week is below with answers for you to mark your own. :) You might want to remind yourself about the active and the passive first (found in earlier work that we have done during home learning - think of the object, verb, subject).

2) English: Today is the day to finish your 500 words story! I am excited to read them - I received more by email today so I'm looking forward to enjoying these! Remember yesterday's guidance on using figurative language, description and clever strategies to keep the reader hooked - and make sure that you read your work back and check it afterwards! Also, have a good think about your ending - maybe it could have an unexpected twist!! Good luck! :)

3) Maths: It's Friday Maths Challenge time over at White Rose Maths - check it out!

4) Topic: Today, you could either complete your digital literacy project on the Internet we would like to see, or you can do the next part of the lunar theme park task which I am posting below - today is about the profit you will make every day. 

This is explained on the sheet, but to do this, you need to:

  • add up the money you have made - the admission price and the amount spent in cafes and shops;
  • subtract the cost of running your park (you should have this from another week). 

Whatever you have left, should be the amount of profit that you have made! You may need to use information from other days' work to help you. 

Good luck!

Work for Thursday, 21st May.

Wow, Year 6: I have had some lovely emails today! I saw Lyla's new puppies and an excellent story by Roman: wow, you have already written it! I also saw some of Louis's lunar park maths and English the other day - it is so good to see what you are getting up to! I miss seeing you all so much and am hoping that I get to see your amazing work in person again soon!

1) English: SPaG Mat 4 coming at you today - see the sheet below and the answers too! You should get on well with these today!

2) English: Today, it is time to write the first part of your story that you were planning yesterday! I can't wait to see what they are about! Roman has set the standard very high with his story about "The Breaking Room", which is a room full of experiments - it sounds so mysterious, doesn't it? Remember that you can literally write about anything that you like! 

I can't wait to read these - as today is just the first part, you should aim for about 250 words. It can be written by hand or on the computer. :) I would love to see lots of figurative language, description and clever strategies to keep the reader hooked! Good luck!

3) Maths: Today's White Rose Maths content is revision of decimals as fractions! You know the drill by now - watch the video, do the questions below and mark them! This was a lesson that you were all excellent at in January so I know you will be now too!

4) Topic: Today's Topic lesson is to have another go at the computing coding activities on Purple Mash. I have set you one as a 2Do, but first - try the "chimp" challenges. These are the easiest and will remind you of what you need to do in coding - it's all about dragging and dropping the correct buttons to create the correct code, which then tells the things on the screen what to do.

I really encourage you to go into "Computing" on the home page, then into 2Code, then choose a "chimp" activity first. Practise first, then try my 2Do - this is from the gibbon section, which is slightly harder but you can do it! There are videos to help you if you get stuck so watch these if you need to! It's actually not so tricky when you realise what you have got to do!

If you are a coding expert, try some of the gorilla challenges - these are hard! 


Work for Wednesday, 20th May.

Good morning Year 6, rise and shine! Get ready for Wednesday's tasks! 

1) English: SPaG mat 3 is below with the answers. Today, you might need to remember what modal verbs and fronted adverbials are. Cheesy song alert here if you need a reminder on fronted adverbials!

2) English: The deadline date for the BBC 500 Words competition has passed already. However, it got me thinking about the concept of the competition and how good it is! 500 Words is normally a story writing competition for children aged between 5 and 13 years. To enter the competition normally, you need to write an original story that is no more than 500 words long. Original means it has to be a story completely of your own invention! This is something that we don't get the chance to do as much at school normally so I thought - let's give it a go! This is your chance to get creative and write about a subject of your choice - your story can be about anything! 

In order to get you started, I have a Powerpoint to help you plan your story and get some creative juices flowing! To open it, click here. When you open it, click through the slides until you get to slide 3 (like the one seen in picture 3 below) and there are a range of activities that you can choose from to play with and have a go - they might inspire you! Or, if you prefer, you can simply have a go at planning your story... What will it be about? Which genre will you write - mystery, fantasy, horror, comedy or a different one? Be as creative as you like! We will be writing these stories later  on in the week!

3) Maths: We continue with White Rose Maths as usual today and the topic is dividing decimals by integers -

The questions and answers are below! 

4) Topic: Today in Science, we are looking at filtering and how these can change the colours that you see! Read the slides below and then there is a fact sheet about Sir Isaac Newton's colour experiments with some comprehension questions for you to answer. If you have the resources, you could also try the "Secret Message" experiment! :)

Work for Tuesday, 19th May.

Hello Year 6! I hope you're well. Did any of you watch the Eurovision Song Contest this weekend? Obviously it wasn't on as normal but there were lots of programmes on about it. The songs are always quite cheesy (I really liked Iceland's entry this year!) but I always enjoy watching it, mostly because I enjoy seeing all the countries across Europe (and Australia, randomly!) come together. I am posting a link to a video which was shared on Saturday of the different capital cities lighting up to celebrate Eurovision and I thought it was lovely, so I am posting it here: which cities can you see? Which countries do they belong to? Which famous landmarks can you see? Can you guess Mrs Oldfield's favourite one? (I'll give you a clue: I used to live in this country and the landmark sparkles beautifully!) Which instruments can you see in it? I really recommend this video - I believe that you will enjoy it!

Click here to watch:

Now onto today's tasks!

1) English: Today's SPaG mat can be found below in picture 1, along with the answers in picture 2. Today, I wonder if you can remember what a preposition is? As I know we love a cheesy grammar song, here is a link to a song about prepositions to remind you: 

2) English: Yesterday, you began writing your autobiographies. I am so excited to read these! Today, you need to write the final two paragraphs - the ones entitled "Influences" and "Aspirations for the future". Look back to your plan to help you remember what you were going to write and you could look back to Friday's post to give you ideas too if you wish. Remember to try and get your emotions across - look back to yesterday's example piece of writing if you need to!

To help you, I have posted the features of an autobiography sheet again below to help you. When you have finished, please use this checklist to make sure that you have covered all of the key parts of an autobiography. You could then edit with a different coloured pen or font if you wish. By the end, you should have an extended piece of writing! Good luck! Remember to email them to me if you would like me to see! :)

3) Maths: Today's White Rose Maths revision is about multiplying decimals by integers. As yesterday, I have posted TODAY'S answers below too so that you can immediately mark them and get feedback. The last sheet of questions are trickier so have a go if you are confident! 

4) Topic: We are carrying on with RE today and we are moving onto  Book 3: the Qu’ran. We have looked at this one already in Term 4 – refresh your memory here:


Consider these questions and jot your answers down.

 Which religion has the Qu'ran as its Holy book?

Why do the children learn sections of the Qu’ran?

What do the boys mean when they say it is not just a religion, it is a way of life?

Why must you wash your hands before reading the Qu’ran?

Why can’t you leave it on the floor?

Finally, which similarities or differences do you spot between this book, the Bible and the Torah? I am especially curious to see if you spot any similarities. 


See you tomorrow!

Work for Monday, 18th May.

Another Monday morning of tasks awaits you, Year 6! I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend! Remember to keep up your Times Tables Rock Stars and to read lots too :).

1) English: This week I am setting you the SPaG mats as tasks. They have a range of spelling and grammar questions on and I will post the answers too so that you can mark them. The first one is posted below as pictures 1 and 2 (2 is the answers).

2) English: Well done on the planning that you all did on Friday for your autobiographies! I think that they are going to be amazing!

Today, I would like you to read the example autobiography first - you'll find it in the third picture. What do you notice about it? What is the main difference between that and a biography? In what way does the writer communicate their emotions? Magpie key phrases that you like as these might be helpful for you when you're writing yours!

Secondly, you can then start to write your own autobiography: just the first and second paragraphs that you planned on Friday! These should be extended paragraphs, full of detail. I have posted in picture 4 the features of an autobiography to help you!

Remember that it should be written in the first person and have an interesting opening statement - also, think about how you will show your emotions to the reader. Good luck! I can't wait to read these!

3) Maths: Go to the White Rose Maths website and watch today's video on multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 - remember what you do and don't do here! (I'm looking at you, CW! :)

Then try the questions below - I have posted the answers straight away today so you can get immediate feedback!

4) Topic: It's project day! Today, please can you find out about an artist from your chosen country?

You can then choose one of two tasks:

a) you can research the artist and do an information page about them, or

b) you can try and reproduce one of their pieces of artwork!

So for example, if you are looking at Picasso, you can either find out all about him or you can try and draw or paint one of his pieces of art yourself! The choice is yours! Have fun! :)

Work for Friday, 15th May.

Happy Friday, Year 6! It's almost the weekend! :) Please see above the latest instalment of London Eye Mystery, and as I say in the video, I will upload another hopefully by lunchtime today if you want to check back! I have added an extra link for you today if you fancy it: on the Oak National Academy website, they have a Year 6 Spanish lesson which you can try if you like! I haven't given you much Spanish to try so I wanted to give you the opportunity to try it! It is a fun lesson!

The Spanish lesson on the alphabet and places where Spanish is spoken in the world is found at

Enjoy! Here are your other Friday tasks:

1) English: This week, you wrote a biography. Next week, you are going to be writing an autobiography. An autobiography is an account of a person's life - but written by them! So instead of writing about another person's life, you are writing your own story.

Which other words have auto at the start? Can you find any others? (eg autograph). When you have done this - can you figure out what the prefix"auto" means? 

PS Yesterday, you were finding out about the prefix bio - it implies something related to life or living organisms. Did you get it?

2) English: As mentioned above, we will be writing autobiographies next week. Which key events will you put into your own life story so far?  If you wish, you could look for photos or other items over the weekend which could go into your autobiography next week!

To help you plan today, can you please make notes under each of these headings? Think about which parts of your life and story someone else might be interested by!

1) Birth and early life. Maybe this could include life up until the time that you started school?

2) Growing up. This could be stories from your younger childhood, what you were like, what you enjoyed, who your friends were, funny or embarrassing memories...

3) Influences. Who are the people who have made you who you are? Which family members, friends or people you know have been an influence to you? Are there any famous people who have been an influence to you?

4) Aspirations for the future. What do you hope to achieve? Do you have any idea about what you would like to study in the future or future career plans? What would you like to be doing in ten years?

3) Maths: Good news! Today, White Rose Maths have uploaded everything that you need for the Friday Challenge! Check it out and use the answers to help you mark it straight away!

However, I have posted the answers to yesterday's questions below as usual!

4) Topic: I have posted below the next section of the theme park challenge: today, you need to choose an entry price for your park! You can then calculate how much money you have made on each day (the sheet tells you how many visitors there were per day). 

You could also choose to spend more time on your Digital Literacy project on "We want an Internet where we're free to..." The details to remind you are below. 

I'd love to see some of these when they are done! Please send them in! If you want to enter the actual competition, the closing date is 22nd June and you can find the link to enter here...

Have a fantastic weekend! I miss you all lots, hopefully it won't be too long till I get to see your smiling faces! Mrs O :)

Work for Thursday, 14th May.

Good morning, lovely year 6 children! Here are your Thursday tasks!

1) English: We have been thinking about biographies, so for your grammar starter today, look at the prefix bio – can you think of any root words that have bio in front? Use the Internet, a dictionary or a thesaurus if you would like! For example, you could have the word biodegradable. Can you find out or imagine what bio actually means?

2) English: Today, you are finishing off your biographies about Philippe Petit. You should have just one more section left to write, on "later life". As before, use the features of a biography and the word mat to help you write this!

Your second job is to read back and edit the whole piece of writing - it should now be one longer, extended piece of writing with four key sections. Well done for completing it! Can you use the features of a biography checklist (I have put it below for you again!) to now edit and check your work? Go through the checklist and check that you are happy that you have met all of the criteria for a biography - if you want to edit, correct or update anything, you could do this with a different colour pen or font like we do at school!

3) Maths: Today's White Rose Maths topic is on fractions of an amount. Please watch the video and then have a go at the work below. Yesterday's answers are attached below too (the light blue sheets)!

4) Topic: It's time for some computing and coding on Purple Mash! Go to the page on Coding here: and have a play with some of the coding programmes to remind yourself how it works. The "chimp" level ones are easier, gibbon is a middling level of difficulty and gorilla challenges are hard.

Then have a go at the 2Do I have set - can you work out how to fix the broken theatre lights?

Work for Wednesday, 13th May.

Good morning! I hope that you are all well! Thank you for the emails I received with some of your biographies in - I love them! I will be replying to these today! Also - a reminder to keep up Times Tables Rock Stars and your regular reading so that you keep these skills ticking over!

1) English - Today, I would like you to think about adverbials again! I have posted a reminder of some adverbials below to help you. The second picture below shows your task - can you find as many adverbials at the beginning of paragraphs as you can? Which types of adverbials are they? You can use any book that you are reading at home to do this! 

2) English - Today, we continue writing Philippe Petit's biography. Can you write the "growing up" and "influences" paragraphs? Remember to use different openers: can you begin your sentence with a subordinating conjunction? (WHITE BUS) Remember also the features of a biography checklist which is found in yesterday's work. 

You should aim to write a long paragraph for each section - this will build up to be one long piece of writing by tomorrow! 

3) Maths - We continue with White Rose Maths again today - today's lesson is on dividing fractions by integers. Check out the video here: and then try the questions below. I have also included the answers to yesterday's questions below - except the first sheet from yesterday. Those answers are here:





1/2 (simplified)

4) Topic - Today's Science is called Spectacular Spectrum! Look at the slides. If you have something to try the prism experiment on the first Science slide, (the one about Isaac Newton!) you could do this. Don't worry if you don't!

Read all of the slides. Then see if you can make your own colour wheel! The instructions are below and it is pretty easy to make - you don't need to print, you can do it yourself at home! See what happens when you follow the instructions - it's very cool!

Work for Tuesday, 12th May

Good morning, Year 6! I hope you are all well! Here are your Tuesday tasks!

1) English: Today, there is no Purple Mash task for spelling and grammar - instead, I want you to use a thesaurus. If you like, you can use an online one if this is easier. Think of 5 adjectives that you would use to describe Philippe Petit. This could be brave, adventurous, daring... then look them up in your thesaurus. How many synonyms can you find for this word? Note them down. This will help you later on! Try to find at least three synonyms that you like for each word. 

2) English: Yesterday, you planned a biography on Philippe Petit - I hope that you managed to find lots of research! Well done to Roman, who has done a fabulous job writing his own biography already! :)

Today, I would like you to start writing the first section on his early life. (Roman, you can either edit and improve what you have written or maybe you could choose another person to write a biography about!) 

What does a biography look like? If you can't remember, I have reposted the picture of the first page of the biography of Shackleton below. Can you see there is a one line introduction and then it goes into the early life section? These are the parts you need to write about Petit today. What did you find out about his early life? Which pieces of information are most interesting? You could handwrite or type this! 

I have also posted the features of a biography below in two documents which might help you, so please take a look at these to help you! 

Remember, you only need to write the early life section today. Good luck! I can't wait to see some of them! 

3) Maths: Today's White Rose Maths lesson is on multiplying fractions by fractions. As yesterday, go and watch the video at then try the questions I have posted below.

I have posted answers to yesterday's problems below - the first page from yesterday doesn't have an official answers page so I have handwritten the answers! I hope it's clear enough for you!

4) Topic: This week we return to our RE topic on Holy Books. This week: the Torah, the Holy Book of the Jewish faith. Remember that we learnt a little about the Jewish faith during our World War 2 topic: Anne Frank and others were persecuted for following this religion. However, it is a faith practised by many both before and after the Second World War. Watch the video linked below to find out more:

 Consider these questions about the clip and jot your answers down.


Why is the Torah special for Jewish people?

Why is it written in a different language?

Why do you think a Jewish child would want to work hard at learning Hebrew?

What do you think the man means when he says he is like “a Jedi with a quill”?

Finally: which similarities or differences do you spot between this and the Bible?

Work for Monday, 11th May

Welcome back to the page, after what I hope has been a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend! I hope that you had the best time celebrating VE Day in style and honouring our war heroes! If you have any photos of anything that you did to celebrate this special day, then please email them to me! I would love to see them!

Also - did you know that today was the day that we would have been starting our SATs? Isn't that crazy?! I am so proud of all the work that you all put in to your revision anyway - I am the proudest teacher ever! All of that hard work will have helped you to prepare for secondary school regardless - and so will the work that you are continuing to do now! Keep up the hard work Year 6, you are doing so well! :)

Here are your Monday morning tasks:

1) English: Another Purple Mash spelling quiz for you this morning! It has been set as a 2Do. As before, it will give you a sneaky peek of the word first and then you can have a go at spelling the words. Today's words are all abstract nouns. 

2) English: This week, we are going to be writing a biography of the life of Philippe Petit. Today, you need to carry out your own research on his life to help you. We are going to be using four key headings of: 

  • Early life;
  • Growing up;
  • Influence;
  • Later life.

Can you research his life and make notes under these headings? Keep them afterwards so that you can use them later in the week!

3) Maths: This week we continue to use White Rose Maths but you might spot that the page looks a little different today - the sheets are not there! So please watch the video and then have a go at the questions that I am posting below. Today's lesson is on multiplying fractions by integers: remember we are on the week beginning 11th May.

4) Topic: Today, you are going to find out something about the history of your chosen country that you have been researching. How old is your country? Which big historical events have happened there? How did they affect the country and how are they remembered today? For example, if you are finding out about France, you could find out about the French Revolution; if you are researching Italy, you could look at the history of Rome and what has happened there... It's up to you! You can choose any event in the nation's history! Present your facts in a creative way and email them in if you like! 

Friday, 8th May: Bank Holiday Friday!

As today is a very special Bank Holiday, we are putting a pause on our normal work activities - however, I have attached here (click the word) another VE Day booklet with recipes, a VE Day poster, lyrics to some popular 1940s songs (look them up on YouTube maybe if you don't know them!) and even some tips for learning the Lindy Hop, a popular dance from the WWII era! All of these might help to make your VE Day celebrations go with a swing! These are completely optional - or you could do some of the activities over the weekend if you can't do them today!

If you would like something additional to keep you busy, then why not design a poster to go up in your window celebrating VE Day and saying thank you to our war heroes? You could also find out about some real life war heroes who served our country faithfully - maybe even Captain Tom Moore? It is a day to be truly grateful and to say thank you to those who made such sacrifices in wartime. 

I have also posted the next instalment of London Eye Mystery below: enjoy! Have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend! See you on Monday!

Work for Thursday, 7th May.

Hello again, lovely Year 6! Here are your Thursday tasks! Before I continue with these though - with regards to Purple Mash, I didn't realise that I could add a teacher comment when you complete a quiz - but it turns out I can! So I have added some comments now to your work. I know that some of you were asking about a couple that you weren't sure of and I have now seen those comments, so I will take a look!

1) English: The last Purple Mash 2Do of the week is called Box the Verb - all you have to do here is decide which tense the verb is and box it up accordingly! You can choose from past, present and future.

2) English: Today I have a comprehension of a biography for you to look at: this is partly because we are going to look at writing our own biographies next week! The biography I have chosen is about Shackleton, who you should know about from our topic on Antarctica! Now, there are lots of pages uploaded today - but this is because I have included both the 2* and the 3* tasks (green and blue). The 2* pages are first (with answers) and then the 3* pages - so choose your level! I have included answer sheets too so that you can mark afterwards. 

3) Maths: White Rose Maths lesson 4 of this week is on mixed addition and subtraction. Today's Problem of the Day is also found below. Did you get it yesterday? The answer was that the length of the large blue square is 9 cm. This is because the area of the square in the middle is 16 cm squared (4 cm x 4 cm) and the blue area left was 65 cm squared, so together they make 81 cm squared. If the area of the square is 81 cm squared, then one side has to be 9cm, as 9 x 9 = 81 cm squared. 

4) Topic: Tomorrow is the VE Day anniversary and celebrations. Look at the slides below. What do you think Churchill would have said in his radio broadcast? Which encouraging words would he have wanted the people of his country to know? Why would he have been proud of them? Imagine that this is being broadcast all around the nation, like nowadays when the Queen makes speeches. Tomorrow I will post the actual account of what he said!

Last but not least - if you want to have a VE Party tomorrow, here are some resources that might get you started!

Work for Wednesday, 6th May.

Good morning! I hope that you all managed to enjoy some sunshine yesterday! Please see below for your Wednesday tasks - and then below this again for the latest instalment of London Eye Mystery - apologies that I ended up uploading this a little later yesterday! See what you think and if you can work out what is going on! Who do you think the mysterious stranger might be?!

1) English: Well done on all of the work that you are doing on Purple Mash! I am super impressed by your hard work!

Today's 2Do is called Circus Tricks! It is another punctuation game - you need to use commas or colons to punctuate the sentences. Remember that colons can be used to introduce a list. See how you get on! If you want to have a go at any of the other grammar games, you can go into "English" / "Grammar" / "Soaring Eagles" and there are lots there!

2) English: I hope that you had some interesting discussions about the text yesterday! The part that blows my mind is the absolute confidence that Philippe had that he would be able to do it! I can't even imagine it! (Mind you, I am afraid of heights!) :)

Today, I have written some language-based questions for you to have a go at. There are 6 to have a go at. To answer them, you will have to think about figurative language (remember this is similes, metaphors,alliteration, personification..). You also need to consider why the author might have used certain words or phrases or presented a sentence in a certain way for effect (Question 5 is like this). 

Have a go and as always, please feel free to email your ideas in -  I would love to see them! Remember that the new school email address is: if you would like to!

3) Maths: White Rose Maths day 3 of this week is adding and subtracting fractions. Enjoy! 

Today's Problem of the Day is below: did you get yesterday's? The answer was 350 ml! There was 1,750 ml altogether and we were dividing this by 5 glasses - therefore, 1750 divided by 5 = 350 ml. 

4) Topic: Friday is the 75 year anniversary of VE Day. We actually did a lesson on this: do you remember the funny Horrible Histories song?! I'll link it here:

Can you remember why VE Day is so special? I have linked to a video for you to watch to recap what we learnt about it previously.

It was such a celebration! I always find it crazy that our Queen was just a young Princess then too, and her father was the King - you can see them on the royal balcony in the clip. 

When you have reminded yourself of all of this, I would like to try and imagine what this must have been like. How wonderful that after such a dreadful time, it was all over finally!

Can you write a postcard imagining that you are telling a friend about all of the celebrations and how you are feeling? You can draw your own postcard template but I will put one in the pictures if you can't remember what it looks like. No need to print though, feel free to make your own! What will you say? 

Work for Tuesday, 5th May.

Good morning, lovely Year 6s! Here are your Tuesday tasks.

1) English: Please do the next Purple Mash 2Do: this is called "Flora's trouble" and asks you to punctuate the sentences with colons, semi-colons and dashes correctly. See how you get on!

2) English: If you haven't already, please watch the rest of the story of The man who walked between the towers. The ending is quite poignant and sad, as we might expect, given what happened to the towers almost 30 years later. The link is here if you don't remember:

I hope that you have enjoyed this story: I know that I certainly have! We are now going to reflect a little on what we have read.

Below, I have posted some discussion questions about the book, in a sort of book club style. Please pick five of these that you find interesting (you can of course do more if you wish!) and write down your thoughts. Please base your answers on the text and give evidence from the story to help you.

3) Maths: We continue with White Rose Maths problem solving today! Today's topic is comparing and ordering fractions.

Remember that you don't need to print the work - it is probably easier to work off of the screen! Check your answers too so that you know how you have got on. 

Today's Problem of the Day is also shown below! Did you get yesterday's? The answer was 120 fiction books - 3/8 of the books were 72, so I divided 72 by 3 which was 24 (1/8) and then could multiply that by 5 to find 120. 

4) Topic: This week, we will be using some Topic slots to reflect on the 75th anniversary of VE Day. This will be extra special for us because we learnt so much about World War 2 in our topic earlier this year. Look out for activities from tomorrow! This means that I am moving Science to today instead...

Last week, we thought about light and how it reflects. Today, we are focusing on refraction. Look at the information slides below about refraction: can you work out what it is?I have then posted two very easy home investigations (Amazing Arrows and Incredible Images) that you can do to find out more about refraction and see it for yourselves! There are instructions on the sheet and questions for you to consider.

Why not take a picture of your learning and email it to me? I'd love to see how you got on!

Work for Monday, 4th May.

Good morning! I hope that you have all had a fabulous weekend! Before I give you today's tasks, I wanted to draw your attention to a lesson on the BBC Bitesize website about transition to secondary schools. We will definitely talk about this more at a later date but I thought this lesson may be a really nice one for you to look at - it has video clips of children talking about the move up and hopefully it will make you feel excited about the changes which are to come. I hope it is useful! You can find it here:

1) English: Today's 2Do is a spelling quiz. The quiz speaks a word to you, gives you a quick look at it and then you have to try and spell it. Have a go and see how you get on!

2) English: Think back to where we got to with Philippe's story (you could rewatch if you need to). He had been arrested and taken to see a judge - you had a go at writing a persuasive speech to this judge to persuade him of Philippe's innocence last week.

Today you need to consider: what would you have done if you were the judge? Would your decision be that he is guilty or innocent? What might your sentence or punishment be? What would your closing speech to the court be? I look forward to seeing your ideas! :)

3) Maths: We continue with White Rose Maths today - this week is problem solving and revises lots of Maths that we have already done so I think you will enjoy it! Remember to click on Summer Term, Week 3, week beginning 4th May. Lesson 1 is on simplifying fractions!

There is also a Problem of the Day this week: see below for the problem! I will post the answer tomorrow! :)

4) Topic: Today, we are carrying on the project about your country that you have chosen. Can you create the flag of your country? You could draw it or even use the 2Paint tool on Purple Mash so that I can see it!

My second challenge is: can you find out about a traditional food dish from your country? You could tell me about it in your project and maybe find a recipe. You could even arrange to make it if you are able to! If you do this, send me a photo!

See you tomorrow where I will upload the next part of London Eye Mystery! :)


Work for Friday, 1st May.

Happy Friday! I hope that you are all well! :) Before we start, check out the reading video for today of London Eye Mystery and listen to my questions: what do you think of Salim?

Here are your tasks for today!

1) English: Think about the prefixes in or un. When do we use them?

Look at these root words below. Which ones can you use with in or un?

Justice, principled, fair, reliable, realistic, questionable, able, enthusiastic, comprehensible, controllable, appealing, credible, correct, dependent, equal.

Which ones work? Which ones don't? What effect does the in or un have on the root word? What does it do to it? If you aren't sure of any of them, look them up and see what the dictionary definition is.

2) English: Watch the story up until 9:53. Philippe is now in handcuffs. How do you think he must be feeling?

What do you think he would say to the judge to persuade him to set him free? Write a persuasive piece explaining why he should be freed. I have included both an example paragraph to get you started and some persuasive sentence openers to help you below in the pictures. 

3) Maths: White Rose Maths Friday Challenge is live and ready for you to solve! Go to to check it out!

See how you get on with it! If you like, email me in what you have done!

4) Topic: I am posting part 2 of the Theme Park Challenge! Well done to those of you who sent me in your plans of your theme park from Part 1: this was from the week before Easter. If you're struggling to remember this, I will post the first task below again as a reminder or if you want to, you can do this part first. The new task for today is all about how much it will cost you to run your theme park every day. 

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Work for Thursday, 30th April.

Good morning, Year 6! I hope that you are all well. I have really enjoyed reading your work on Purple Mash today! Please keep it coming! :)

1) English: Today's Purple Mash 2Do is called "In the beginning". Remember that cohesion in a text means the ways that you are keeping the "flow" of it going. In this activity, you need to check the highlighted words and decide: is this cohesion using adverbials? (See the picture below for help! Remember that you can have advebials of time, place, manner...) Is it cohesion through ellipsis? Or is it through repetition? Have a go!

2) English: Rewatch the story so far if you wish. There is a sentence opener we are going to try and use today which is "Were he to..." This uses the subjunctive. So for example, you could say, "Were he to fall, Philippe could have broken his neck, so in my opinion...." Or you could say, "Were he to succeed, many people..." 

Today, you are going to write an editorial - this is an opinion piece. Can you use the opener, "Were he to..." at some point in your editorial? 

You need to write a couple of paragraphs. 

3) Maths: White Rose Maths again today:

Try Lesson 4: problem solving. 

4) Topic: Today, I am giving you more time to work on your Childnet Digital Literacy project. I will post a screen shot below to remind you of the competition: remember that you have to finish the sentence, "We want an Internet where we're free to.." When I spoke to some of you on the phone last week, you were already planning this so have a go! You can enter the actual competition but I would definitely like to see these!

As an extra reminder, any work that you would like me to see can be emailed to the school email address! Please do this so that I can see it and if there is a way that I can, I will get back to you! See you tomorrow! :)

Work for Wednesday, 29th April.

Hello, lovely Year 6s! I miss you all lots. If you haven't already, please check out the planning for the term in the link above.  I have also recorded the end of yesterday's chapter from London Eye Mystery for you below: I really like it and think it tells us more about Ted and Salim. The next chapter is called "We go to the Eye" so I suspect this is where the drama will really begin! I will try to record this for you tomorrow.


Anyway, on to your Wednesday tasks!


1) English: Two 2Dos on Purple Mash today: this is because they are both very short! This is to test your knowledge of the active and passive: do you remember we went over this last week? I have put the help sheets in the images below again today so maybe have a look at these first to jog your memory: remember that active is subject - verb - object and the passive is always object - verb - subject. Keep this in mind when completing the activities.

Note: in the activity, you have to drag the words from the bottom into the top sentence to complete it. The first time I tried it, I did it the wrong way round! The sentence goes at the top of the box.

2) English: Yesterday, we planned your news report about Philippe. Today, I would like you to have a go at writing the report - however, did you know you can do this on Purple Mash? (I know that CVZ does as he's already had a go on there!) 

You will find a template in your 2Dos. It is about a superhero saving the day at the moment but you can change this! Remember to use the ideas from yesterday: they should help you write an introduction, give some background to Philippe and talk to witnesses and people at the scene. Remember that you still need to use all of the correct punctuation when you write on a keyboard! :)

The good thing is that I will be able to see these straight away on Purple Mash so I can write comments! 

If for some reason you cannot access this on Purple Mash, I will attach a paper template here (click the word) and you can always print this - or you could just make your own template on paper. Have fun - I can't wait to read them! 

3) Maths: Today's White Rose Maths lesson is about problem solving! Have a look at the video and then get solving! Remember, it's Summer Term Week 2 and lesson 3. 

4) Topic: On Wednesdays, I always set Science for you - last week, your task was about how we see and today we move onto reflection! Have a look at this BBC Bitesize page which recaps last week's learning well, I thought - take a look! There is an activity to have a go at.


Now look at the images below about reflection. Can you see how the reflection is happening? Can you read on there what the angles of reflection and incidence are? On the last picture, there is an activity that you can try at home. It says you can use modelling clay but Blu-Tac may well work well too! Try and recreate the activity with any mirrors you may have at home - then you can mark out your angles on the page as shown in the picture. You should be able to see the angles of reflection and incidence. If you aren't able to do it practically, can you make a poster to demonstrate this and why it is happening?

See you tomorrow!

Work for Tuesday, 28th April.

Good morning, Year 6! How are you all? I hope that you're well! Here are your Tuesday tasks...

1) English: Well done for having a go at the Purple Mash synonyms and antonyms game. I know it was quite tricky so could you have another go today? I have set it as a 2Do for you again. See if you can improve your score today!

2) English: Yesterday, we read about the man who climbed the Shard, and you thought about how his story was similar or different to Philippe, who walked between the Twin Towers. You can watch up until 9:08 in the video clip today. His response to the police on the roof really made me laugh!

Today, I want you to think again about Philippe. What do we know about his story? What do you know about him?

You need to imagine yourself as a reporter for the New York Times newspaper. You are going to plan out a newspaper report as if you are standing at the bottom of the World Trade Centre looking up and seeing Philippe there dancing, walking and saluting on the wire. I have put the template here (click on the word here and it should appear) - if you cannot print it though, you can just have it on the screen and note down your ideas into a book. Try and use my headings though as it will help you tomorrow! :) 

3) Maths: Today's White Rose maths lesson is about angles in regular polygons.

Remember to watch the video tutorial first! 

4) Topic: Today, we continue our RE topic on religious books. We will start by looking at the Bible. Watch this clip about children who read the Bible and how it helps them. You also might like to think about when you met Matt, who was a pastor, and how he said he read the Bible too.

Write a few sentences about how the people in the video are inspired by what they read in the Bible – which stories and verses do they like? Why?

 Do you have a story that has inspired you? It doesn’t have to be from a holy book! Did it help you in some way? Did it make you want to reach a goal? Did it encourage you? Write a few sentences about this story.


I have also included below another section from London Eye Mystery: hope you enjoy! :)

Work for Monday, 27th April.

Welcome back to a new week of learning, Year 6! I hope that you have all had a brilliant weekend! Some of the tasks this week will require you to go onto Purple Mash and do the 2Do which is there.

1) English: Today's grammar task is on Purple Mash and has been set as a 2Do for you: it's a grammar game called Synonyms and Antonyms. You have to drag the words into the correct boxes (synonym, antonym or neither) and then it tells you if you are right or not. Have a go!

2) English: Recap the story of The man who walked between the towers so far: watch up to  7:45. This is the link here!

Now read this news article about a man who climbed the Shard building in London.

Reading the article, can you say which things are the same and which are different about Philippe's story? You could draw a table with "similarities" and "differences" as headings if you wish.

3) Maths

We will once again this week be focusing on the White Rose lessons. Today's lesson is on "angles in special quadrilaterals". Make sure that you click on the correct week - Summer Term 2, week beginning 27th April.

As a side note, you shouldn't need a protractor for this! It's all about the rule of knowing how many degrees in a quadrilateral. Have a go, pause the video when you need to and remember that the answers are also on the page!

4) Topic: This week, we continue our projects on a country of your choice... You should already have chosen your country and made a front cover for your project including some landmarks from your chosen country.

Today, you need to do the next page of your project. You will need to introduce your country and explain why you have chosen it. You then need to show where it is in the world: which continent is it in?Which countries does it border? If you wish, you could include some maps in this section too: they could show where in the world your country is or it could be a large map of the whole country. You could use an atlas, the internet or reference books to do this. If you can't print maps, you could draw them! Or you could make them out of papier mache like the picture below if you prefer!

Remember that BBC Bitesize are adding some interesting lessons every day too and you are always welcome to go and check these out too! See you tomorrow! :)

Work for Friday, 24th April.

Happy Friday, Year 6! It has made my week speaking to some of you on the phone these last couple of days!If I wasn't able to get through, I have tried to leave a voice message so I'm hoping to speak to you soon! Here are your Friday tasks.

1) English: What is the difference between a main and a subordinate clause? Can you remember how to identify these in the examples in picture 1? Take a look. 

2) English: Watch the video from yesterday where the story is being told. Watch it up until 7:45, after the line, "A woman coming from the subway might have been first to see him". Use picture 2 and the "Talk to the Hand" starters to ask questions to the woman who came out of the subway and saw him: eg How on Earth did that man get up there? 

Now imagine that you are attending a press conference and asking the woman your questions. Can you write it in an interview style? Picture 3 below is an example of a playscript but can give you some reminders about how to set your interview out - remember to use colons after the person who speaks! 

When you are writing, you could try to use some "Shocking Idioms" - see picture 4 for examples of these! I like some of them very much! Although - there is one spelling mistake on there, can you spot it?!

I would love to see any of these if you would like to email them in to the school address!

3) Maths: Today's White Rose Maths lesson is quite different: look at the Friday Challenges on there! The link is and then scroll down to the Friday Maths Challenge. 

How many can you complete? If you can't print them, remember that you can still have them up on the screen and write your answers on paper: the answers are coming soon so you will be able to mark them!

4) Topic: I have set your first "2Do" on Purple Mash! To access this task, click on the "2Do" icon at the top of your screen when you log in. If you cannot find this, there are instructions and videos to help on the school website's home page!

The task is a PSHE activity about an important life skill: reading a bank statement! When you pay money in and out of a bank account, you receive a statement and it tells you how much money you have in the account, and where money has gone in and out. This task is designed to help you learn about this.

There are quizzes and small tasks to help you get to grips with what a bank statement should look like so work your way through: you are allowed to have help from someone else too! Before starting, you might want to look up some unfamiliar vocabulary such as balance, credit, salary and employer. See how you get on! 

Remember, on Purple Mash, I can see work that you do and can add a comment to it!

Also, you are welcome to take a look around the site and just have a go at different activities too if you wish: some of you have already gained rewards on the site!

Have a wonderful weekend: I'll be back here Monday! Mrs Oldfield :).

Work for Thursday, 23rd April.

Morning Year 6! It was so lovely to speak to some of you on the phone yesterday! I'll be continuing my calls over the next couple of days so I hope to catch up with the rest of you! Here are your Thursday tasks:

1) English: Look at the first picture below which reminds you of how to use ellipsis. It mentions that it can be used either when thoughts trail off or to create suspense. Can you write an example of your own of how to use ellipsis when thoughts trail off? Can you write an example of when it is used to create suspense?

2) English: Watch the clip found here:

How does it make you feel?

Now go and watch this clip which starts reading the book!

Watch up to 6:49 up to the line, "Out he walked onto the wire." How has the author built up tension up until this point? 

Write a paragraph of a first person recount expressing how Philippe feels at this moment. Would he have mixed emotions? How would you feel standing at the edge of the towers?

3) Maths: Continue with .

Go to Summer Term Week 1 and Lesson 4 today is on "angles in a triangle - missing angles". Watch the video, try the questions and mark them! Do watch the videos as they are extremely helpful! It was great to hear that some of you have been finding these useful.

4) Topic: In ICT this term, I was going to get us thinking about entering the Childnet Digital Literacy Film Competition! Now we are at home, it could be a fun family project that you could take part in. To see the website, go to the link:

But just to explain further here...the idea is that you create a "film" using one of your devices. If you love your IT and know how to make videos using Movie Maker or something similar, you can do this too! The theme is... "We want an Internet where we're free to..." 

How would you finish this sentence? How could you show this in a film or movie? You can be as creative as you like! I would love to see your films but you could also actually enter it into the competition at the link above! The closing date is not until 22nd June and you can enter as a solo film, as a group or you could enter a storyboard and script. 

For today, you could just come up with some ideas! It's a really good project and fun to have a creative outlet during lockdown!


Work for Wednesday, 22nd April.

Hi Year 6! Before I give you the tasks for today, here are a couple of extra things that you can check out online which have launched recently: you had a text about them on Monday I think!

Follow the above link for lots of TV programmes and activities in all subjects! It looks really good!

This is an online platform set up by teachers since schools have been closed: again, it has tons of content on there!

I may set either of these as set tasks in the next week or so, but for now, just enjoy looking around on these sites! Remember too that Purple Mash is also available to use and again, one of your tasks soon might involve you logging on and doing some activities on there!

So, here is Wednesday's work:

1) English: What are modal verbs? Can you remember? Try the activity in the first picture below: in the first sentences, you have to say whether these sentences have a modal verb or not and in the second, you have to underline it.

2) English: Watch the documentary, linked here:

It is called Man on a Wire. This is the man who wrote our diary entry from yesterday! Write a few sentences from Philippe's point of view: what made him want to do this? 

Then look at the second image, which shows the front cover of our book that we are going to be looking at, The man who walked between the towers. Do you think that this will be a fiction or a non-fiction text? Why do you think so? What can you tell from the front cover? Tomorrow, we will start reading the story!

3) MathsWe continue with for our Maths lesson today. Go to Summer Term Week 1 and Lesson 3 is on "angles in a triangle - special cases". Watch the video, try the questions and mark them! Do watch the videos as they are extremely helpful!

4) Science: This week, we would have been starting a new topic on Light - including how we see. Images 3 and 4 below explain how this principle works. Can you illustrate this in a creative way of your choice? You could draw it, use objects to help you illustrate it, make a poster...

Or one suggestion is that you demonstrate this using people! To do this, you can use yellow wool or something similar to show light and two people can act as a light source and an object. They need to hold the wool to demonstrate how the light travels from the source to the object and then to their eyes.


Come back tomorrow for more tasks! :)

Work for Tuesday, 21st April.

Hello Year 6: here are your Tuesday tasks!

1) English 1: Can you remember the difference between the active and passive? See the first two pictures below to help remind you - it's all about the subject and the object! Can you then have a go at the sentences: are they written in the active or the passive voice?

2) English 2: Did you work out that the building was the World Trade Center? We have discussed it briefly in class before so I know that some of you know about it. It was tragically destroyed as part of the attack on New York in September 2001. 

Today, we are thinking about the main character from our new book. Read the diary entry in picture 4. What sort of man would consider this action? Why would he want to walk between the two towers? Firstly, make a table of pros and cons of whether the man should walk across the tower or not. 

Your main task then is to write a reply back to the mysterious man, giving him advice on what he should do. Should he go or not? I have given you some sentence starters and prompts in the images below - can you find out what "It is imperative..." means? Try and use each of them in your work. For example, you could say, "It is essential that you take rules of health and safety into consideration..."

3) Maths: We continue with for our Maths lesson today. Go to Summer Term Week 1 and the lesson is on angles in a triangle. Watch the video, try the questions and mark them! 

4) We are due to start an RE topic on religious books and why they are important. As an introduction task, can you find out the names of as many religious books as you can? Eg the Bible. Which languages are they written in? How are they treated as sacred? Why are they so important?

Check back here for tomorrow's work! Have a good day! :)

Work for Monday, 20th April.

Hello everyone! I really hope that you had a fantastic Easter break! I will be uploading work for you every day again now: we have some really interesting topics to begin, so log in every morning and get involved with the tasks! It's good for us to get back into routines after the Easter break!

Here are today's tasks:

1) English 1: Can you use suffixes to turn these adjectives into adverbs? What is a common suffix that is found at the end of an adverb? Try it and see if it works! You will need these adverbs later!

The adjectives are: interesting, curious, impressive, strange, tragic, unfortunate, shocking, gradual, unbelievable, controversial, impressive.

2) English 2: We are starting a new book this week, which features these buildings, found in the pictures below.

The first photo below shows these buildings being built, the second shows one of the buildings taken from the ground and the third shows the buildings as they were when they were completed. 

What are these buildings called? Where were they found? Why were they well-known at the time they were completed? Do you know what happened to these buildings almost 20 years ago? If you're not sure, try and find out. Maybe someone in your house can help you name them if you aren't sure...

If you still aren't sure of the names of the buildings, I will give you a clue: the name was shortened to WTC and they were found in NYC! If you Google this, you will find out! :)

I would like you to have a go at writing your own Wikipedia page for these towers. Which facts can you find out about them? Why are they well-known? Have a look at the actual Wikipedia page at the end to see how similar your pages are! More on this tomorrow!

3) Maths: This week, we are going to be using for our Maths lessons, as it covers things that we haven't done yet on properties of shapes. You need to go to Summer Term Week 1 and the lesson on vertically opposite angles. Watch the video and pause it at times to check your understanding if you need to. Then click on "Get the activity" and have a go at the questions found there. There are answers underneath so that you can check them!

4) Topic: This term, our topic (alongside the SATs) was going to be to undertake an independent project of your own about a country of your choice. Today we are going to start this! You need to choose your country first: it could be a country that you have visited or one that you have always wanted to visit! We will be finding out all about the culture, food, landscape and much more!

For today's task, you need to create a front page for your project, similar to the one about Spain in the pictures below. You should try to include some key landmarks for your country.

Some extra notes!

Also, as a school we are now signed up to the website Readingwise, where you can access Roald Dahl and classics books for free at the moment. Check this out at

Login username: whitchurch

Login password: primaryschool

You will also have received login details for  Purple Mash - more details on this to follow this week, but there are lots of learning activities, tools and books on there that you can access too.  See you tomorrow!

Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy your chocolate eggs and time in the sun! Please watch my video below! I meant to say in it, you could also make your board game  over the weekend if you wanted a project to get stuck into! Have a fab weekend!

Easter Holiday Tasks

These last few weeks have been strange and challenging. You have done so well to try and keep up with your schoolwork. Over Easter, we would like you to enjoy your family time and really have fun. The activities below are designed to be completed in any order. Happy Easter!


So, Year 5 and 6,our first challenge for you over the Easter holidays is to design a board game for you and your family to play (and then for you to teach to others once we are all able to go out again!).

Here are some things to think about:

  • First of all, look at, play and research some existing board games that you enjoy playing. Think about what makes them great games to play! Use this research to help you design a game that will be enjoyable to play.
  • What will the name of your board game be? What is the theme?
  • You will need to design a visually pleasing board. Will it have a theme? Which illustrations will you include? How will your board be laid out? There are some different examples in the images above.
  • Do you need cards to play your game? (Eg in Monopoly, players have to pick up cards at different points in the game which may or may not be beneficial to that player.)
  • Do players collect or do anything as they travel around the board? (Eg in Mouse Trap, players build the track as the game continues; in Monopoly, players collect money)
  • What else do you need to make to play the game?
  • How will players move around the board? Will they have counters or playing pieces?
  • How will players be given advantages or disadvantages in the game?
  • How do you know who has won the game? What must you do?

You should include a set of instructions on how to play your game, how many players there can be and what players need to play.

Then try it with your family. Can you evaluate the game? What are the strengths? What are the things that could be improved? Make a few tweaks if you need to and then play again!

We look forward to seeing your games! Remember to email them so that we can see your awesome creations! Remember the school email address is


 You could also try one of these!


  • Do you love nature? How about making a bird feeder? Click this link and follow the step-by-step instructions:
  • Try your hand at some nature art. Whilst out walking (or you could search your own garden) find some stones or pebbles big enough to paint on. Then design your own lovely bug (Google paint stone bug). You could even collect leaves and petals to make a nature picture?


  • Ever heard of a Fabergé egg? Research and find out about the history behind these beautiful eggs. Make a fact file or a Powerpoint about your findings. Then design your own! This could be 2D or 3D.
  • Do you love cooking? Click this link and try your hand at any or all the recipes:


  • Have you ever noticed the moon on a sunny day or at night? Is it the same shape every day or does it change? For the next month try to look at the moon each day (if it’s a clear day/night). Draw the moon each day. What do you notice? You might want to do some research about the moon and its phases.
  • Look out for the space station flying over on Saturday 4th April, 8:50 pm.


  • Want to keep up the daily #MathsParty routine over Easter? No problem! White Rose Maths will be adding fun Easter maths activities for the next two weeks so you don’t miss out.


The rough translation of the song is below:

Spring has arrived!

It is not cold

Without a coat.

Spring has arrived!

So many babies!

What a joy!

Spring has arrived!

The lambs

With their games.

Spring has arrived!

How lovely

Are the ducklings.

Spring has arrived!

What’s been sown

Has germinated.

Spring has arrived!

Lots of flowers

Of many colours.





3.4.20 - If we were at school today, we would be saying "Happy Easter!" and breaking up for the holidays! I wish you all a very Happy Easter and lots of wonderful chocolate eggs! :)

Over the Easter holidays, we want you all to have a break from school but we also know that as we have been home for two weeks already, you may want some structure to your days too! Therefore, next week, we are setting Easter projects which can be completed over the holidays with your families. Keep your eyes peeled for these coming up on the website soon!

But onto our last daily tasks of the week....

1) Look at our first and second images below. Today is the last task about the Three Little Pigs. An extract of Percy Pig's diary has been found, from before the houses were burnt down. What do you think was going on for the pigs? Why might they have acted wrongly? Can you continue the pig's diary? Remember to use emotive language to communicate the pigs' despair. 

2) You have an Easter percentages code breaker below to solve - it should spell out a spring-themed joke if you are correct! The answers from yesterday's problems are also shown below. 

3) I know that many of you will be doing the Joe Wicks workout sessions daily, but today I wanted to remind you of an old favourite of ours - the Just Dance Ghostbusters edition! Can you try it and come up with any new moves of your own?

2.4.20 - Hello Year 6! I hope that you are keeping your spirits up and coping OK. I do know that this time is very strange for everyone and I am thinking of you all. I am hoping to upload my weekly video later - maybe my other cat will appear this time! :)

1) Yesterday you thought about which questions you would ask Peter Pig in his TV interview. Today I would like you to think of the answers that he might give, before his appearance in court (see the picture below!). 

2) I have posted the answer to yesterday's maths problem below - see if you got it right! (Picture 4) Today there are two sets of problems (courtesy of Classroom Secrets) - the second picture below is the "green" task, the third is the "blue" (harder)! I will post some answers tomorrow!

3) In PSHE, we were going to look at budgeting, money and how we spend it. I thought that to get us started on this from home, we could start one of my favourite Year 6 projects: the lunar theme park! Lots of you know that I love theme parks and rollercoasters - I was supposed to be going to Alton Towers last weekend, in fact.  In this project, you get to design your own amusement park and think about how you would run it.  In the fifth picture, the project is introduced to you and in the last picture, you have a price chart and guidance on how to plan and map out your park. You may need squared paper to do this, but you could draw your own squares or even do this on the computer! You have a budget of £500,000 and need to decide how best to use this: you can have major rides (large rides), minor rides, cafes, vending machines... but you must also have paths to connect all of these so you have to budget for this too! Happy designing - I would love to see your ideas so please send them in! The next part of this project will be with you soon!

1.4.20 - Happy April Fool's Day! I hope that you have fun tricking people this morning - remember that you can only do it till midday! :) Here are today's tasks!

1) Today, we continue our investigation into the death of the Big Bad Wolf! New evidence has emerged that one of the pigs, Peter Pig, was interviewed just after the death of the wolf. However, suspiciously (!), the footage has been lost. Today, can you write the questions that you would want to ask Peter in this interview? Think about what the unanswered questions are and what you want to know.

Also, if you would like to read a short poem today, there is a link here to a short one called Father William by Lewis Carrol. There are some questions to check you have understood. Answers are also attached.

2) Another maths question for you today about imperial measures again (courtesy of White Rose Maths Hub). Remember to keep referring back to Monday's fact box to help you! I have posted the answers from yesterday's problems so that you can mark them.

3) Science this week would have been about metamorphosis. Firstly, what does this mean? The picture below may give you some clues... Can you find examples of animals who go through metamorphosis? How do they do this? This is such an interesting topic, see what you can find out! 

31.3.20 - Hello everyone, I hope that you are all well and staying safe! Well done for the examples of work that I have seen so far - keep it up! :) Here are Tuesday's tasks for you.

1) Interestingly, a new piece of evidence has come to light in the trial of the Three Little Pigs. Have a read below in the first photo! A short letter written by the wolf before his sudden death has been discovered. Write a paragraph from his perspective, a week before his death. What did he think the pigs were up to? How was he feeling? Your arguments from Monday's work might help you!

2) For Maths today we are continuing the work from yesterday on imperial measures. You might want to refer back to the fact box from yesterday's tasks to help you solve these two problems. Answers to be posted tomorrow! :)

PS I have posted answers to yesterday's questions below! (final picture)

3) Today, I want to encourage you to try some Easter baking! (You could do this another day if you need to get ingredients) You could use the recipe from your Easter pack, try the Easter biscuits recipe here or one of your own. How could you vary the ingredients to make your recipe for different numbers of people? For example, if the Easter biscuits recipe made you 24 biscuits (it doesn't actually state this in the recipe, see how many you get from it!) how much of each ingredient would you need for 48 biscuits? Or trickier - 60? Send in your pictures of your baking! :)

30.3.20 - Welcome to a new week Year 6! Rise and shine for your Monday morning tasks! 

1) Before we left school, we had been watching the Three Little Pigs advert from the Guardian. You will probably want to rewatch this to refresh your memory, (or watch it for the first time if you weren't in school) so you can click on the link below to find the clip:

Watch it again and think about the different sides of the argument in who was to blame for the wolf's death. Make a list of the key arguments in favour of the pigs (eg the wolf was trying to hunt them for food!) and a list of arguments in favour of the wolf (eg the pigs framed him - how might they have done this?) We will be looking at this again this week!

There is also a mini reading comprehension on The Hunger Games which you can do - it is found by clicking here. The answers are attached so that you can mark it. 

2) For Maths, we had one more objective to look at for our measures topic, which was on something called imperial measures. Photo number 2 shows you the key facts that you need to help you answer the questions! For example, if you know that 1 stone = 14 pounds, you can also work out how many pounds there are in 5 stone... (you may need to use your calculation methods to help you!) If you find this tricky, ask an adult for help or you can email Mrs Oldfield on the school email address too. Photo 3 gives you some questions to have a go at - the fact boxes will help you a lot! :)

PS The answer to Friday's problem was 30!

3) We would normally do RE on a Monday afternoon, so I would like you to continue learning about the Muslim faith. Think about who you turn to when you need to talk to someone - maybe your parents, your friends, someone at school... for a Muslim, they turn to their God, who they call Allah. Watch the BBC learning clip at .

What are the different stages of prayer for Muslims? How many are there? What is important to them when they pray? Can you write a mini report about this, explaining each stage of prayer? 

Challenge: Are there are any questions that you would like to ask a Muslim about how they pray?

Send in any of your botanical illustrations from Friday for us to see! Come back tomorrow for more tasks! :)


27.3.20 - Happy Friday, Year 6! Here is your last day of activities for this week!

1) Did you guess the theme for this week? It was going to be wizards but as I threw in a picture of Gollum too, I guess in general that it was more about magic! :) Today's last image task is of a very famous mouse dressed as a wizard :). Can you write a newspaper report about what happened to Mickey when he was given magical powers? What kind of mischief did he cause, do you think? What might he have done "accidentally"? Did he accidentally overturn things, turn people's hair different colours, release animals from the zoo.. ? Your choice! :) We have done lots of work on newspapers so I know your headlines will be fantastic!  Eg Mad Mouse Let Loose with Wizard's Wand or Mouse-acadabra! Next week there will be a different theme!

PS Remember if you wrote about having magical powers yesterday, you can email this to the school for us to see and publish on the Facebook page! 

2)  Have a look at the problem of the day below (courtesy of White Rose Maths). How would you go about starting this? How can you find the solution?

PS If you found solutions to yesterday's problem, feel free to email them in!

3) We were going to go on to do some botanical sketches on Friday in Art this week. Can you find some plants that you would like to draw, arrange them in an interesting way and try to sketch them? I have given you an example in the images below :).

PS I would love to see any of your life cycles from yesterday!

Have a good weekend! Take a break, get plenty of exercise and do something different to try and make the distinction between weekdays and weekend! :) I will be uploading more tasks for you on Monday!

26.3.20 - Hello again Year  6! Time for your Thursday tasks.

1) You will probably recognise this handsome chap as Gollum, who appears in the Lord of the Rings films... in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, people are dying to get their hands on the ring to gain power. If you had a magic item that allowed you to do anything that you wanted, what would you use this power for? Would you use it for good? For your own interests or for other people's? Would you make a change in the world? I'm really interested to see what you would do!

PS How many of you knew that the wizard in the picture yesterday was Dumbledore from the Harry Potter books?

2) Try Professor Franklin's problem (courtesy of Classroom Secrets); it's linked to what we have been learning in our measures work. How many ml in 1 litre? You'll have to remind yourself of this first I reckon! 

3) In Science last week, we learnt about the life cycles of different animals: some of you focused on rabbits (an example of a placental) , others the platypus (monotremes) and another group the kangaroo (maruspials)! Each of these were slightly different in their life cycle. Choose a mammal that you would be interested to find out more about and find out how its life cycle works: which category does it fall into? Do they lay eggs? Do they grow inside the female's body? Do they grow offspring in pouches? Draw the life cycle if you can and find out as much as you can about them. :)

PS I hope you found out some interesting facts about Jane Goodall yesterday: she is considered to be the world expert on chimpanzees! 

25.3.20 - It's that time again... here are your Wednesday tasks! 


1) Look at the first image... again, this still follows our theme for the week. Have you guessed it yet?! What can you tell about the occupant of this office? What kind of person might he be? Use your imagination... and then write a diary entry from this character's point of view. (There is a real life book character in the picture: you could use him as your inspiration! :) )

PS Did you guess that the object yesterday related to the Azkaban prison from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban? Even if you weren't sure, I hope that you got some great writing out of it!

2) Today's Maths is slightly more open-ended (courtesy of Classroom Secrets). Last week in class we learnt that 5 miles is approximately 8 km. (Do you remember the "wiggly equals sign" which means approximate? You can see it in the question below) Using this formulae to help you, can you make as many number statements as you can using the buttons you have been given? For example, if you know that 5 miles is approximately 8 km, 10 km is approximately ....?

PS the answer to yesterday's problem was that Danny can fill 57 bags of sweets!

3) If we were continuing our Science work today, we would have been learning about Jane Goodall. She was an extraordinary person and she made some incredibly interesting discoveries! (I know that you would have loved this lesson!) Can you research her and make a mini factfile of what you find out? What were her discoveries?

PS The child in yesterday's problem was a chimney sweep! Did you find out?

24.3.20 - Hello again Year 6, here are your tasks for today!


1) Look at the first image for today below. All of the first images this week follow a particular theme and you may start to guess this as the week continues! Can you infer what the object in the picture is? Where might it have come from? Who might have used it? Who does it belong to? Write down some questions or thoughts that you have about it. (I wonder why... I wonder if... ) Some of you might even know what the picture is of! Challenge: can you write a short story including this item, based on your inferences? You could write a finding tale, a defeating the monster tale, a wishing tale, a journey tale... or whatever you like! Be creative!

2) Today's maths problem involves your favourite number!! (Courtesy of White Rose Maths Hub) See if you can make jottings and work it out! The correct answer will be posted tomorrow! :)

PS the answer to yesterday's problem was... 140 cm or 1.4m! Did you get it right?

PPS White Rose Maths Hub is also hosting Maths parties now on certain days where you watch a video relating to the content that would have been taught in class this week, some questions to try and then a chance to ask questions to the White Rose team to help you. Give it a try! The parties normally start at 10am.

3) The third picture has a small child in it. I mentioned last week that if we were at school, we would have been starting to learn about the Victorians... (a time period in the UK between 1837 and 1901, named after Queen Victoria) and this child is from that time period. What do you think his job might have been? You may need to do some research around children working in Victorian times, to give you some clues! (Children aren't allowed to have jobs now, but you may remember from Oliver! last week that they were not so well looked after then!)


23.3.20 - Hi there Year 6, Mrs Oldfield here! I am so, so proud of you all and of how maturely you have coped with the unpredictability of the last week. I do understand that it has been a tricky time for our class in particular, as we all want to know when we will be coming back to school again and if we will get our last few weeks together at school. We will keep you updated on this as much as possible and as I said to you all last week, it is still my hope that we get to finish this year together as you deserve  to - celebrating the amazing people that you are and your achievements over your years at Whitchurch!

In the meantime, you have your packs that were given out last week to help you continue your learning at home. Remember that by keeping up with your work, you are really, really helping yourself prepare for secondary school so it is important to do this. The overview sheet for English and Maths revision can be found here and the helpful websites document can be found here. Everyone also has their revision guides to work through and mark.

In addition to this, I will be posting here daily while we would have been at school, to give you some extra food for thought. There will be an image for you to consider with a task, a maths problem to get you thinking and also some kind of topic-based task, which may be on a range of topics or issues. The first ones for Monday the 23rd are found below. Have fun and stay safe all of you! :)

Mrs Oldfield.

23.3.20 - Here are your tasks for today Year 6!

1) Look at the picture below. Who might the two characters be? What are they discussing? What questions does it make you ask? If you wanted to, you could write the scene as a story or continue it to show what happens next. 

2) Look at the maths problem below (copyright of White Rose Maths Hub) and work to solve the answer, using jottings. The correct answer will be posted tomorrow! :)

3) Eid al-Fitr, also known as just Eid, is a Muslim holiday which marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting. Can you find out what Muslims do to celebrate this holiday?

You can also find a performance of our class poem that we wrote here:


Please follow the link to see our Term 1 performance of "Air Raid": you may recognise it as the poem from our class assembly in term 2!

We hope you enjoy watching!

We have had a brilliant time writing our own class poem this week for the Waycroft Poetry Festival. You can see the finished product below - we are very proud of what we have achieved and the performance went brilliantly! 

We were super proud of Ashleigh, Giorgia, Riley and Harvey today when they took part in the Bristol Maths Challenge. They were amazing! Well done, you represented Whitchurch Primary brilliantly and made us proud!

Here are some photos from our evacuee trip to Bitton Railway! We had a great time learning about the life of an evacuee - we even got to meet a real life evacuee and hear about his experiences! 

Hello and welcome back to a brand new school year! We hope that you have all had a fantastic summer and are ready to start a new and exciting final year of primary school. Year 6 is a fantastic year and we are excited to see all that you will do and achieve! Keep checking back here as well as our school Facebook page for updates, photos and videos of what we are up to!

First of all, please see below for details of what we are learning about this school year - please see Mrs Oldfield if you have any questions or would like to know more.

What are we learning in Term 1? Click here to get a copy to put on your fridge!



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