Whole School 2020-2021

Term 2 Final Week: WooooOOOOOoooooooH!

Term 2 Week 6: Our final Golden Lock winners, Rags2Riches and Stone Age fire lighting!

Term 2 Week 4: The Gold Lock is in action! Scoot or cycle to school and win a goodie bag!

Term 1 Week 3: Reception enjoyed their first lunchtime at Whitchurch Primary Banes!

Week 2: The sun is out!

Week 1: Welcome to Reception 2020!

Week 1: First week back!

Whole School 2019-2020 Lockdown gallery!

Whole School 2019-2020

2019-2020 Final week: winners gallery!

Term 4 Week 1: Year 6 visit Oasis Brislington and our sponsored pancake flip!

Term 3 Week 6: Valentine's Discos and PE in the hall!

Term 3 Week 5: The mosaic is back, curriculum share and musical instruments!

Term 3 Week 4: Well done for another great footballing performance, and goodbye and good luck Mrs James!

Term 3 Week 3: What a week! A football win, Chinese New Year, a new Gromit and Wallaby visits!

Term 3 Week 2: Introducing Whitchurch the Wallaby! Our new school mascot!

Term 3 Week 1: Happy New Year and India celebrations!

Term 2 Final Week: Parties, concerts and our annual sing-a-long!

Term 2 Week 6: The PTA Christmas Fayre, Village Light Switch On and Christmas Dinner day!

Term 2 Week 5: Christmas is here: Nativity, Choir and Breakfast with Santa!

Term 2 Week 4: A wonderful Year 4 assembly and another charitable collection from the school!

Term 2 Week 3: Sculpture club, Year 5 assembly and wet play comedy club!

Term 2 Week 2: A fantastic week of Antarctic activities!

Term 2 Week 1: A great start back with Kapla, a cinema trip, rockets and fireworks!

Term 1 Final Week: We finish with a fabulous 'Spooky Disco!'

Term 1 Week 7: We have just enjoyed an amazing poetry festival with Waycroft Primary School!

Term 1 Week 6: Our website is up and running again! A selection of events from the last 3 weeks!

Term 1 Week 3: Harvest Festival, some unexpected visitors, pancake sales and our Grand Opening!

Term 1 Week 2: It's Reception's first full week! Hooray!

Term 1 Week 1: Welcome back to Whitchurch!

Whole School 2018-2019

Final Week: A fantastic series of Year 6 leavers celebration events! Have a great holiday!

Term 6 Week 6: Sports Day, Cycling Proficiency and Rock Steady! Hooray!

Term 6 Week 5: Brave Bold Drama present 'Wonderland' to the school. Thank you PTA! Also, the rocket competition beings!

Term 6 Week 4: : Science Story Telling in the sun!

Term 6 Week 3: A farm trip, library open morning and Armed Forces Day!

Term 6 Week 2: Formula 1 National champions!

Term 5 Week 5: Year 6 school camp!

Term 5 Week 5: Year 5 London Trip: Natural History Museum and Harry Potter Studios!

Term 5 Week 4: Year 4 Camp!

Term 5 Week 3: A visit from the NSPCC!

Term 5 Week 2: Chicks, Bath city farm and Bitton Railway visits!

Term 5 Week 1: Well done to our Year 4 team for representing Whitchurch Primary at the BBC studios! 

Term 4 Final Week: April Fools Day, School competition winners and a disco! A great final week!

Term 4 Week 5: A win for Whitchurch FC and Science stories for all!

Term 4 Week 4: Netball matches, Bookmark sales and Formula 1 racing!

Term 4 Week 3: Site inspections and a visit from a Scientist!

Term 4 Week 2: World Book Day!

Term 4 Week 1: A visit to the Roman Baths and our 'Construct a school' competition begins!

Term 3 Week 4: Curriculum Share and the roof is on!

Term 3 Week 3: KS1 visit SS Great Britain, the Mayor visits the gym and fantastic STEM work in Year 4!

Term 3 Week 2: KS2 to a specialist STEM day at Oasis Brislington, EYFS to the Antarctic!

Term 2 Week 6: Two wonderful Nativity performances!

Term 2 Week 5: Christmas dinner, Breakfast with Santa, Carol singing and RockSteady!

Term 2 Week 4: The changing face of Whitchurch and a great Year 3 assembly!

Term 2 Week 3: School expansion begins and a fantastic Year 4 assembly!

Term 2 Week 2: Children in Need, Y5 assembly, Parliament work, cinema, Black History and EYFS show round!

Term 2 Week 1: Chinese celebrations! Children tasted food, carried out quizzes and tried their hand at writing!

Text 1 Week 8: Fire Brigade visit, Football, spooky lessons and our spooky disco!

Term 1 Week 7: Fossil digging and dinosaur building!

Term 1 Week 6: Our new school banner and Key Stage One on a local walk!

Term 1 Week 5: Macmillan, Fastest Finger First, Football and gardening! All in a week at Whitchurch!

Term 1 Week 4: Books and breakfast, outdoor activities and cake making: Our broad curriculum brought alive!

Term 1 Week 3: Our 'Broad Curriculum Brought Alive' initiative begins with trips to the Antarctic and the Stone Age!

Term 1 Week 2: New Reception have joined us! Welcome to Whitchurch Primary School!

Term 1 Week 1: Welcome back! A new colour scheme and 'House tubes!'

Whole School 2017-2018

Term 6 Final Week: It's an end of an era! Goodbye Year 6!

Term 6 Week 6: The swimming team WIN at the Keynsham swimming gala. Hooray!

Term 6 Week 5: Superb sportspersonship and winning at Sports Day 2018!

Term 6 Week 4: Another fantastic summer fayre! Well done for the PTA for organising, teachers for helping and parents and children for attending!

Term 6 Week 3: Y2 to WSM, F1 National finals, BloodHound SSC, Broomhill Cricket and a Feathers assembly!

Term 6 Week 2: An EYFS Bonanza with the REAL project and a visit to Folly Farm!

Term 6 Week 1: Two great visits this week: The Exploradome and Aston Martin Cars!

Term 5 Final Week: Year 5 London Trip!

Term 5 Week 6: Some of the great activities going on following the end of SATs!

Term 5 Week 5: The EYFS REAL project links to a nursery, and the Year 4 sleepover!

Term 5 Week 4: Amazing outdoor pursuits, including netball, football, swimming and gardening!

Term 5 Week 3: F1 Week! Great activities and presentations in school, and out: We have won the regional final!

Term 4 Week 2: Chicks in Reception and thank you to the PTA for new Breakfast Club activities!

Term 5 Week 1: What a start back! Mad Science, Feathers McGraw entries, a 'rat infestation' and F1 school finals!

Term 4 Last Week: World Book Day take 2, Disco and Fingers McGraw!

Term 4 Week 5: A superb KS1 Art Exhibition in support of charity. Well done to all involved!

Term 4 Week 4: Whitstock music performances and a visiting theatre group! Thanks to the PTA for funding!

Term 4 Week 3: The school netball team in action and cross school team building!

Term 4 Week 2: Snow at Whitchurch and EYFS launches the ever popular REAL sessions!

Term 4 Week 1: A specialist gymnastics teacher visits and 'Open The Book!'

Term 3 Week 5: A fantastic 'India Day' in Key Stage One!

Term 3 Week 3: Well done to the PTA for organising this superb Guide Dog visit!

Term 3 Week 2: The first whole week gets off to a flying start with Forest Schools!

Christmas: Bath Abbey, Christmas dinner, Carols by Candlelight and Parties!

Christmas! Two great nativity performances on Tuesday and Thursday!

Christmas! A great PTA Fayre and superb singing from the choir at the 'Whitchurch lights switch on!'

Term 2 Week 4: Stay and Play in EYFS and our Rock Steady Concert!

Term 2 Week 3: Anti Bullying Week : Yoga, SARI, VR Headsets and Team building exercises!

Term 2 Week 3: Cinema visits, Christmas Boxes and Children in Need!

Term 2 Week 2: The Fire Brigade visit Key Stage 1!

Term 2 Week 2: Well done to the PTA for another amazing fireworks display!

Term 2 Week 1: Reading competition winners get first 'climb' on our new equipment.

Term 1 Week 6: New playground equipment is coming and our ICT club in action!

Term 1 Week 5: A Tree Giant visits the school. Riley presents fantastic gymnastics!

Term 1 Week 4: Thank you for supporting 'Books and Biscuits' in aid of MacMillan! Well done Whitchurch FC!

Term 1 Week 3: Teacher arrested! We also welcome the return of Kapla!

Term 1 Week 2: Books and Breakfast! Children celebrated harvest with a healthy breakfast and a book to read!

Term 1 Week 1: Welcome to Reception class, Welcome to Whitchurch Primary School!

Whole School 2016-2017

Term 6 Week 7: Our Leavers' service, performance and picnic!

Term 6 Week 6: Sports Day! Well done Willow for a sterling win!

Term 6 Week 5: A sensational performance of 'What a Good Idea!' from the school choir!

Term 6 Week 4: Year 6 End of Year celebrations begin...

Term 6 Week 4: Year 4 sleepover!

Term 6 Week 3: PicNic on the field!

Term 6 Week 2: A visit from two police officers on their police horses!

Term 6 Week 1: A fantastic Summer Fayre. Well done to the PTA for their hard work and vital support!

Term 5 Week 5: Our visit to the Natural History Museum and the Harry Potter Studios!

Term 3 Week 4: Curriculum Share!

Term 5 Week 3: Year 6 Camp!

Term 5 Week 1: As part of our History work, a University Professor visited us to work on our surnames!

Term 4 Week 7: Our musicians and dances perform 'Whitstock 2017!'

Term 4 Week 6: Our outdoor cooking day and Easter Disco!

Term 4 Week 5: Our Dance Umbrella 2017 performance!

Term 4 Week 4: Year 3 enjoy a trip to the Roman Baths!

Term 4 Week 3: Visits from a mythological character and IK Brunel!

Term 4 Week 2: We celebrate World Book Day with a Big Book Breakfast!

Term 4 Week 1: Term 4 begins with the excitement of a penguin visit!

Term 3 Final Week: Wins for our school teams, St. Nick's join us for a bear hunt, and our 'Help The Homeless' Collection.

Term 3 Week 5: EYFS writing and our inter-school history topic begins!

Term 3 Week 4: 'Brave, Bold Drama' perform a superb 'Hansel and Gretel'. Thank you to the PTA for organising and funding this.

Term 3 Week 3: We are joined by pre-school children from the local community to develop our dexterity skills!

Term 3 Week 2: New play equipment for break times!

Term 3 Week 1: We held an election to vote in our E-team and introduced a 'Friendship Stop' as part of Anti-Bullying week.

Term 2 Week 7: Our community 'Carols by Candlelight' enjoys it's highest attendance ever!

Term 2 Week 6: Our children visit Bath Abbey and enjoy a Christmas dinner!

Term 2 Week 5: Our choir perform at the Whitchurch 'Christmas Lights Switch on!'

Term 2 Week 5: Many thanks to the PTA for another amazing Christmas Fair!

Term 2 Week 5: Christmas begins with our EYFS and KS1 Nativity!

Term 2 Week 4: This week the choir performed in praise assembly. Well done to all the children involved and also Mrs Taylor. We thoroughly enjoyed the performance. 

Term 2 Week 2: Our Christmas boxes head off to Eastern Europe!

Term 2 Week 1 Weekend: Our fireworks display. Thank you to the PTA for all their hard work!

Term 2 Week 1: Broadlands 'STEM' day, a return visit from 'RockSteady' and our foodbank donation.

Term 1 Week 7: The netball team and end of term Spooky Disco!

Term 1 Week 6: A taster session from a local archery coach!

Term 1 Week 5: A visit from Jamie of RockSteady, showcasing his musical talents!

Term 1 Week 4: The school football team in action!

Term 1 Week 3: A visit from Huw Powell, author of the 'SpaceJackers' series!

Term 1 Week 2: Year 2 perform a rain dance. It worked! (With the help of a sprinkler...)

Term 1 Week 1: Outrageous! Year 5 and 6 teachers caught playing in the pond!

Whole School 2015-2016

Term 6 Last Week: Our School PicNic and balloon launch!

Term 6 Final Week: Two great services with Year 6. We will miss you!

Term 6 Final Week: We all enjoyed our Sports Day in which Oak were declared winners!

Term 6 Week 5 Weekend: Well done to the PTA for the fantastic summer fayre!

Term 6 Week 5: Year 5's Enterprise car wash, and a visit from the M&M Theatre Company.

Term 6 Week 4: Year's 3, 4 and 6 have all enjoyed Red Lodge trips in the last two weeks!

Term 6 Week 3: Year 4 and 5 embark on the Kilve Court Residential! Click Class 4 or 5 tabs at top for more!

Term 6 Week 2: Our singers and dancers perform with aplomb at the BPASF AMJ Reggae Festival!

Term 6 Week 1 Weekend: Year 6  at Croft Farm! See the Class 6 page for all photos. (Tab above)

Term 6 Week 1: An archaeological dig on the field, alongside fish and chips on the lawn! Happy Birthday Ma'am.

Term 5 Week 6: Outstanding EYFS work and a visit to British Aerospace!

Term 5 Week 4: Visit galore! Artists, dance instructors, singing coaches and the 'Boys' Brigade!'

Term 5 Week 3: Year 3 enjoy their 'overnight' camp on the school field!

Term 5 Week 2: Year 2 enjoy a visit from a professional artist!

Term 5 Week 1: What a week! New equipment, Tim Peake's Space Seeds, Year 5 won the regional finals of F1, a visit from a farm and the choir attended the Beacon Lighting! Phew!

Term 4 Final Week: The Peter Pan performance is enjoyed by all, and a visit from Heart FM's Paris Troy!

Term 4 Week 3 and 4: Dance Umbrella and Whitchurch star in a road safety advertisement!

Term 4 Week 2: World Book Day!

Term 4 Week 2: Our main corridor is updated by Truroe One! Many Thanks to the PTA for funding this!

Term 3 Week 5: Our new 'televised' bird box. We will show 'nest building' updates! A new salad bar in the hall!

Term 3 Week 4: A visiting story teller spins his yarns!

Term 3 Week 3: A professional MUGA coach joins us, whilst whole school tree planting begins! 

Meanwhile... What's going on in Year 5?

Term 3 Week 2: Trampolining at Broadlands and Year 4 win the attendance pizza party!

Term 3 Week 1: Children enjoying our new QR code treasure hunt!

Term 2 Final Week: Christmas Party fun!

Term 2 Final Week: Christmas dinner is served!

Term 2 Final Week: Our Nativity Play performances are enjoyed by all!

Term 2 Final Week: Our Carol Choir visit the Lunch Club!

Term 2 Week 6: A job assembly from Governor Mrs. Buckland!

Term 2 Week 5 Weekend: The school choir join the Whitchurch Village Association for the Christmas lights show

Term 2 Week 5: Our PTA Christmas fayre is another success! Well done to the PTA.

Term 2 Week 4: Reception writing with a difference and a visit from a local tree surgeon!

Term 2 Week 3: Year 1's assembly and a visit from the Dogs' Trust (who helped us keep safe around dogs).

Term 2 Week 2: Reception's assembly and Fireworks night! A super night of fireworks put on by the PTA!

Term 2 Week 1: Our new MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) and Trampoline!

October Holidays: What's going on at Whitchurch?

Term 1 Week 5: Kapla returns, the new football kit debuts and watch the middle playground!

Term 1 Week 4: Children enjoy a 'Play Pod' restock!

Term 1 Week 3: Our Stone Giant traps are set!

Term 1 Week 2: The School Team compete in the ESFA Saturday Tournament, whilst Friday sees our MacMillan Coffee Morning!

Term 1 Week 1: Someone has arrived on our school field!

Please note this video was created entirely before/ after school and at break/ lunch times.

Whole School 2014-2015

SUMMER HOLIDAYS: Shaun goes to the Mall!

SUMMER HOLIDAYS: Our new roof and corridors are installed!

LAST DAY: Farewell to Year 6 at the PIcNic!

Term 6 Week 6: Year 6 leavers events! Good luck to all of Year 6!

Term 6 Week 5: Whitchurch take their Formula 1 show to the UWE ICT conference!

Term 6 Week 4: As part of our 'Flight' topic, we are joined by the RNLI (who use helicopters and drones!)

Term 6 Week 3: As part of our 'Flight' topic, we are joined by a Kiting expert!

Term 6 Week 3: Mrs. Kierk presents an assembly about previous jobs! Year 5 go on The Big PicNIc!

Term 6 Week 2: The GIST Lorry visits to teach us road safety!

Term 6 Week 1 Weekend: Year 6 visit Croft Farm Water Park!