Reception: Ravens

Ravens 2020-2021

Term 4

In term 4, our topic has been growing! We looked at a wide range of life cycles (frogs, flowers and chicks), started to grow our own plants (sunflowers) as well as raising our own chicks!



What an amazing two weeks we have had! Last Monday, the friendly farmer asked if we could help him to raise some chicks. We learnt all about the life cycle of a chicken and knew we would be perfect for the job. We watched them hatch and have enjoyed looking after and caring for them. We were sad to say goodbye but we are going to see pictures of how they grow and get on living with Miss Knight's sister!



Expressive art and design 

We had the opportunity to paint our own tadpoles (from looking at the tadpoles we had in our classroom), create our own leaves to stick on our beanstalk and we used slices of potato to print petals (to create our own flower, based on the story - The Tiny Seed!).

Term 3

Chinese New Year Day!

As it is Chinese New Year on Saturday 25th January, we have spent an entire week learning about Chinese New Year. We found out how it begun and why and how it is celebrated. We then put this into practise and had our very own Chinese New Year Day. We did Chinese New Year crafts, made our own spring rolls and even tasted some traditional Chinese food. We then finished off the day with a party.

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 Term 2

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 What an exciting term! We learnt all about a range of celebrations, including Diwali, bonfire night and Remembrance Day. We explored Rangoli patterns, made our own firework pictures using a marble and paint and created poppy's using tissue paper. We then celebrated our favourite time of the year - Christmas!




Term 1: Halloween potions! 

In week 8, some children decided to make their own potions in the roleplay area. Happy Halloween! 



Term 1: Cooking 

In week 8, Raven and Robin class made biscuits. We decided to make Halloween biscuits. We washed our hands, measured our ingredients, stirred them well and used our hands to mould the dough. We then put them in the oven! While we waited for the biscuits to cook, we had a discussion about what happened to the ingredients when they mixed together and spoke about the changes that might occur when the dough was in the oven.


Term 1: Making new friends and settling in! 

The new children in Raven class have made an excellent start to their time at Whitchurch Primary.
We have been getting up to so much; we've made new friends, settled into our new environment and started to become familiar with the school routines. Have a look below to see a snapshot of the many things we've been getting up to!




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