Staff List


Headteacher/ Person who deals with queries from parents and other members of the public/ Assessment/ Designated Safe Guarding Lead/ Acting SENDCo/ 

Mr Hornsby


Foundation Stage Teacher

Miss Knight

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs James

Year 2 Teacher/ NQT Mentor/ Moderation Leader

Mrs Oldfield

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Kierk

Year 4 Teacher

Miss Money

Year 5 Teachers/ Moderation Leader

Mrs Newman and Mrs Hay

Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Rich

Maths Coordinator

Mrs Oldfield

Literacy Coordinator

Mrs Newman

Computing Coordinator

Mrs James


Learning Support Assistants 

 Mrs Fox, Mrs Street, Mrs Frost, Mrs Booth, Mrs Mathias, Mrs Hay, Mrs Shepherd and Mrs Clark.


Mrs Wescott, Mrs Milkins, Miss Walker, Mrs Simpkins.


Mrs Mathais


Mr Wilton


Mrs Fennelly, Mrs Westcott, Miss Walker, Mrs Parsons, Mrs Simpkins, Miss Squire and Miss Gilbert.

Admin Staff

Mrs Ware and Mrs Booth

Chair of Governors

Miss Dyer

Clerk to Governors







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