Reception 2018/2019

Reception present their phonic sounds!

Term 1 Week 7
When we arrived at school on Monday our classroom was a mess! We decided that we had to investigate to find out who had broken in over the weekend. We found out that the dinosaurs from our story 'Katie and the Dinosaurs' had jumped out of the book! We made posters to warn the other children in the school as well as telescopes and binoculars so that we could keep a look out to make sure those cheeky dinosaurs do not come back!

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Reception 2017/2018

Term 6 : Working together to make and decorate cakes.

Term 6 : Our trip to Folly Farm..

Term 5 Week 6 :We went pond dipping and caught lots of tadpoles. We went on a treasure hunt in the outside area and solved maths clues to find the treasure. We tried on wedding dresses and veils to celebrate the royal wedding.

Term 5 Week 5 : We made pitta bread pizzas and chose our own toppings.

Term 5 Week 4 : This week we performed our Talk for Writing story to the whole school. 

Term 5 Week 2 : We held the chicks and tried to weigh them!! We went on the large "pick up sticks" on the field. We found natural objects in the wood to make shapes from. We compared sticks and other objects and talked about the size of them.

Term 5 Week 1 : Our chicks are hatching! We went to the gymnastics centre.

Term 4 Weeks 5&6 : Making chocolate cornflake nests, sharing eggs to go in the baskets we weaved ourselves, learning a dance and enjoying an Easter Egg hunt.

Talk for Writing Term 4

Converting media.
(Media will continue converting in the background)

Term 4 Week 2 : After testing materials to see if they would float we made rafts. Will our rafts carry a plastic animal across the water?

Term 4 Week 1 : Making models, using instruments to make music for our dragon dance, testing materials to see if they will float or sink, pancake races and looking at how the fruit has changed in the compost bin.

Term3 Week 6 : Outdoor maths - finding different sized sticks and using mathematical language to describe them, making animals from the Chinese New Year story.

Term 3 Week 5 : Cutting up fruit to make our fruit kebabs, making trains with moving wheels, using the bikes and scooters to role play crossing the road.

Term 3 Week 4 : We have been playing drums and singing songs. We talked about old toys and how they are different to new ones. Some of our parents sent in drawings of their favourite toys when they were young for us to look at.

Term 3 Week 3 : A guide dog puppy came to see us, we wore goggles to see what it would be like if we were blind and our partners led us around the classroom. We closed our eyes and used balls with bells in to see if we could catch them. In P.E we found different ways to travel along apparatus.

Term 2 Week 6&7 : Making peppermint creams and boxes to put them in, getting ready for the Nativity, having Christmas dinner and enjoying the Christmas Party.

Term 2 Week 5 : Melting chocolate to make our advent calendar.

Term 2 Week 4 : Enjoying a yoga session.

Term 2 Week 3 : We made a circuit to light a bulb and make a spinner spin. We made decorated and sold Pudsey Bear biscuits to raise money for Children in Need.

Term 2 Week 2 : Listening to a visitor showing us how to brush our teeth. Then having a go ourselves making sure to brush them for two minutes. We also talked about why we need to brush our teeth.

Term 2 Week 1 : Dressing up in Indian clothes, painting Diya lamps, testing materials and making a coat for Honey Bear and finding out how a torch works.

Term 1 Week 7 : Working together to playing number games on lap tops, building large models together, counting and matching numbers.

Term 1 Week 6: Programming a Beebot to move. Writing activities in shaving foam and on white boards. Outdoor play in the MUGA.

.Term 1 Week 5: Writing menus for the café. Model making, playing with play dough. Sorting food into healthy and unhealthy food. 

Term 1 Week 4: Making and decorating cakes for the Macmillan Coffee afternoon. Making glasses using different materials.

Term 1 Week 3: P.E in the hall, our first lunchtime, both groups together for phonics and role play in the opticians.

Our first days in school - making new friends, learning new routines, exploring the classroom and outside area.

Reception 2016/2017


Practicing for sports day, building ramps with different numbers of bricks to measure how far they will go, making and decorating mini beast cakes, pond dipping and testing different types of paper to see which will make the strongest bridge.

Our Term 6 Talk For Writing Story - The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Term 6 Week 1 : This week we went on a walk behind school. We went on a plant hunt and built dens in the woods. Michael Gorely told us about the railway path as part of the school local history project. We made different shapes in our P.E lesson.

Term 5 Week 5 : Weighing the chicks, looking closely at them to describe them and working together to build chicken runs.

Term 5 Week 4 : Teeth cleaning together, watching the eggs hatch, holding the chicks and visiting the church.

.Term 5 Week 3:Our 'Talk for Writing' story:  Jack and the Beanstalk

Term 5 Weeks 1 and 2 : We used different parts of our hands to make different sounds on the drums. We enjoyed role playing our Jack and the Beanstalk story.

Term 4 Weeks 5,6 and 7 : We looked at a real octopus, made  Mother's Day cards and Easter baskets. We had to swim across to another island as we had run out of food. There we found a surprise in a boat! Our mum's and dad's had sent us a message in a bottle. We enjoyed reading them to each other. We made Easter eggs and had an Easter hunt in the playground.

Term 4 Weeks 3 & 4 : We went on a walk in the school grounds to look for signs of spring. We went on an adventure, building boats and sailing them, before being shipwrecked on a desert island. We weeded the vegetable beds. We role played crossing the road.

Term 4 Week 2 : We celebrated Pancake Day by making pancakes, eating them and having pancake races (cardboard pancakes). We looked at real fish to find out about how they move and breathe. We were brave and touched their teeth!

Term 4 Week 1 : Using beads to make a repeating pattern. Using tools to make under the sea clay tiles.

Term 3 Week 6 : We tested materials to see if they would float. Using what we had learnt,  we built rafts to carry the animals across the river (Chinese New Year story). We then tested them to see if they would float and used straws to make them move.

Term 3 Weeks 4 and 5 : Playing different instruments to make music for the Dragon Dance. Taking turns in the Dragon. Chopping fruit and tasting it before making fruit kebabs.

Term 3 Week 3 : Feeling different materials and describing them for others to guess.

Term 3 Weeks 1 and 2 : We have been working together to build trains, using saws and drills safely to make models with wheels that turn, using instruments to make different sounds and moving P.E equipment safely.

Term 2 Week 7 : The Christmas party.

Ready for the Nativity performance!

Term 2 Week 6: Enjoying Christmas lunch.

Term 2 Week 5: Our 'Talk for Writing' story: Can't you sleep little bear?'

Term 2 Week 4. This week we have explored different techniques in our painting, used different programmes in the ICT suite, had fun at the gym and explored the sounds that instruments make.

Term 2 Week 3. Ordering objects according to length and weight.

Term 2 Week 2. Making, decorating and selling Pudsey Bear biscuits for Children in Need. They were delicious!

Term 2 Week 1. Dressing up in Indian clothes for Diwali. We went to the gym for the 1st time. We went out to collect materials to make a nest for the owl babies. Owl maths - sharing food between 2 owls and saying which had more and which had less.

Term 1 Weeks 6 and 7. Programming a toy (Bee Bots) and making them go down a road. Finding out about Diwali and making Rangoli patterns and clay Diya pots. Enjoying the Spooky Disco. Enjoying the archery session. Being brave on the zip wire.

Term 1 Week 5. P.E. outside.

Getting changed for P.E. and developing ball skills and balance. Enjoyed by all!

Term 1 Week 4.

Using different resources (to make glasses) and refining our ideas as we worked.

Term 1 Week 3.

Our first lunch at school!

Term 1 Week 2.

Making friends, enjoying the new environment and getting used to routines.

Term 1 Week 1.

Enjoying new experiences.

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